'Jersey Shore' Recap: Ciao Vinny!
'Jersey Shore' Recap: Ciao Vinny!
Vinny's had enough of his fellow guidos and guidettes as he heads home this week. I can't say I blame him, I mean it has to be hard being the youngest AND the most normal in the house. Regardless, it's sad to see Vinny go, and hopefully he will return to the Jersey house later in the season! Meanwhile, his roommates get back into their routine on the shore and kick it off with a full episode of drinking and bad decisions. (Shocking, right?)

Cash for Gold

Pauly has it rough this week when first he "burns his face off" after excessively tanning, then gets his treasured gold chain stolen by his one-night stand. First of all, don't peel your burnt skin off then go tanning immediately after. I feel as though this is common sense - especially for someone who makes a career out of tanning. Secondly, do not expect to bring home some random chick, send her home at 4am, and then be surprised that she might have stolen your jewelry. Again, this is common sense. Good thing she's a bit of a stalker and returned the next morning with the chain around her neck and a lame excuse that she "forgot" to give it back. At least she can look back at this one day and say she is proud of herself.

Who Needs Self-Respect?

Snooki decides to forgo her "Jionni" underwear in fear she might be tempted to flash fellow club-goers, but then proceeds to get belligerently drunk and fall all over herself. At least she goes home with Jionni this time and it doesn't end up in some overly dramatic drunken fight. Just when hope is almost lost for Mike, he shows his classy side when he picks up the girl standing closest to the exit, and then acts all cocky about bringing a girl home. Mike, she was just as desperate as you, and has even less dignity.

The End of a Bromance

You can't help but get a little choked up about Vinny's departure, especially when Pauly solemnly helps him pack his bags. What will Pauly do without his wingman? Those two are the backbone and humor of the show! I can only hope that this match made in heaven will be reunited once again after Vinny gets a dose of home. I do feel if this were Mike leaving, they'd be throwing a party. Maybe he will step it up and stop being such a tool -- but I doubt it.

Next week we will get a glimpse into Vinny's life back at home, Snooki and Deena look as though they should be picked up for public intoxication and the roommates burn Mike when they only celebrate Pauly's birthday. What do you think? Are you sad to see Vinny go? How do you think Pauly will handle his departure? Leave your comments and tune in Thursday's on MTV at 10, then come back to BuddyTV for your weekly recap!

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