'Jersey Shore' Recap: A Not-So-Happy Accident
'Jersey Shore' Recap: A Not-So-Happy Accident
I don't think anyone is shocked to hear that Snooki has a UTI, and honestly she should feel lucky that this is all she has. However uncomfortable the infection may be, I don't think that it is an excuse to pee on yourself or your porch. But then again, this is Snooki, and this is Jersey Shore. I bet Jionni can't wait to make her the mother of his children.

Naughty or Nice?

So if Snooki's bladder problem isn't at the top of the discussion boards this week, who is the problem plaguing the house? The spot definitely belongs to Mike and his drunken rant about how "nice" he has been since he got to the Shore. Really? I don't think "nice" is the correct adjective to use to describe his personality this season. Douchey or disrespectful might be more appropriate.

The roommates see right through his sporadic and phony friendliness, and when Ron calls him out on it, Mike reverts back to his fool-proof method of confronting an argument - he stomps his feet and throws a tantrum. Apparently he thinks that if he spends one episode (equivalent to one day according to Pauly) apologizing and claiming to be nice, it means that everyone is suddenly going to be his best friend again. Oh, but then he ends the day scheming against Snooki. Last time I checked, this isn't a very "nice" thing to do.

Warm Beer

Don't worry, this week isn't a total loss. One of the more educational moments is brought to us by the cast with their introduction of the game, "warm beer." This is a first for me, but it was pretty hilarious to see Snooki get soot rubbed all over her face. Who knew warm beer could do that? Thanks for enlightening me Shore mates. Now let's see how many people play this game within the next month.

Why You Should Never Take a Shower on the Shore

This week there are some noteworthy remarks and explanations of concepts misunderstood. Let's take a look at some of the roommates' more intelligent quotes from the episode:

"If you spray perfume and take a 'shore shower,' it's still considered a shower. Don't call me dirty, I'm not dirty. I smell phenomenal." Snooki after she peed on herself

"Press star 69 because I wanna re-wind the phone call that you just started." Mike to Snooki during his drunken rant about how nice he is

Sam: "Police zap criminals with their electric gun all the time and they're all right."
Deena: "Yeah, maybe it just shocks you a little bit. Is it the same electrical though?" Sam- "It has to be."
Deena: "Yeah?"
Sam: "There's different electrocutions?"
Deena: "I think so. I think like, wall electrocution is like, electronics."

What do you think of the latest Jersey Shore episode? Have you ever heard of the game warm beer? Is Mike's streak of friendliness short-lived? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every Thursday for your weekly Shore recap!

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