VH1 Talks to Gia and Nikki of 'Rock of Love Bus'
Gia and Nikki (aka DJ Lady Tribe), the first two to be eliminated on the third season of Rock of Love, are ready to open up about their experiences on the wild VH1 reality dating show.  They seemed to enjoy their time on the series, no matter how short it was.  Other than getting booted off the first episode, the girls share another thing as well: both of them said alcohol was the reason for their departure. 

“I love how much fun I had, but I wouldn't have put it all out there in that one episode [if I knew I was going to be eliminated],” Gia began.  “I would have spaced it out and let them see how wild and crazy I am over time.  I know I would have stayed longer had I not been inebriated most of the time.”

“It was my first reality show ever and I was nervous,” she continued.  “You're in a different place with strange people and there's nothing but alcohol everywhere.  What do you do?  You drink.  I'm tiny and it made the wild, crazy Gia come out.” 

“It was fun,” Lady Tribe exclaimed.  “I made some mistakes.  A lot. I don't remember the last half.  I don't drink a lot of hard liquor.  But it's comedy.  It's fun.  My friends are like, “Oh my god, you're so funny,” and I'm like, “I wasn't trying to be.””

One of the things that made Rock of Love Bus more notorious this season is DJ Lady Tribe's rap to Bret Michaels.  It wasn't because of the song itself, but what it was written on.  During her interview, she finally cleared things up. 

“I really wanna get this straight with everyone.  I don't want people to think I have anything.  Everyone got tested, you can't be on this show without being tested, and at the test, they give everyone awareness pamphlets,” she said. 

“All the girls knew that. I  don't know if Bret did, though.  So I was like, “I need some paper,” and someone said, “It's cool, just write on that.”  I didn't realize what I was writing on the back of, I was just thinking of how good I was going to do the rap.” 

Another matter the girls had to talk about was the controversial “shot incident” between them.  “People do wild stuff when they drink,” Gia explained.  “and if people put you down for it, screw ‘em.  I think also that you can forget that the cameras are there or that anybody else is there.  You're just kind of in your own world, doing your own thing.” 

“There were a lot of things I did on this show that I never did before,” Lady Tribe went on.  She also talked about how she shocked even Bret Michaels.  “When I do something, I do it way out.  I know it's not always good to be like that.  When I did graffiti, I'd scale buildings and I got raided big time.  As a DJ, I've traveled the whole world.  And then on this reality show, I wanted to go out with a bang.  Subconsciously, I did things to stand out more.  That's probably why I put that red bikini on.” 

Even so, she isn't sorry about the whole experience.  “I only regret stuff that happened off camera that only the people there know about.  I apologize for that stuff,” she said.

“I like to be adventurous and I like life.  But when I watch some of it, I'm just like, “OK, there are things I need to change.”  I didn't realize how I am when I get so faded.  Some of my friends were really worried because on the show, it doesn't look like I'm OK.  There are things that need to be changed.” 

As for Gia, “I regret not staying on longer.  I regret drinking too much, and I regret letting certain people get, you know, too close to me, if you can understand what I'm saying.” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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