Taya Talks About Being Bret's 'Rock of Love' 3
Now that she's won over Mindy and the rest of the girls, Taya Parker is going on and on about Bret Michaels.  As his newest (and hopefully last) Rock of Love, she's hoping their relationship would really push through and they'd continue what they started on the show. 

Before the series' reunion show aired, Taya was interviewed by Chaunce Hayden of the magazine Steppin' Out.  She didn't hold back as she dished the details on what she felt about winning Rock of Love, as well as discussed her plans regarding Bret. 

"Once I realized the ring he was holding was for me, I started to look around thinking, "OK, are we getting married?  Are my parents here?" Taya explained.  "To be honest, I told him after the show, "I'm glad you had your head on straight because I totally would have married you right then and there."  I really would have!"

She was also asked about how she'd react if Bret didn't contact her again.  The Penthouse Pet of the Year said she'd be devastated if he didn't call.

"I would definitely be hurt.  Considering what I went through on that show, I would at least expect a phone call," she confessed.  "I think being the person who he is he would do that.  I left the ball in Bret's court.  If he wants to date, I'm jumping in with both feet.  I could fall in love with him with the snap of a finger.  There's also a part of me that's going to protect myself emotionally until I feel it's safe for me to do that."

On another interview of hers with VH1, she admitted that she has been communicating with Bret - no matter how rare the occasion. "He's reached out to me via some personal friends.  He's gotten messages to me here and there," she said.  "I've gotten "Hello's" and "How ya doin's?" and updates through other people.  We're not supposed to be around each other or talk.  We've played it safe."

"The hard thing for me is that I'm the only girl from the show that leaves and has no closure.  As messed up as it is that someone gets their heart broken, there is closure in heartbreak.  You can move on.  When you leave and you're the winner, it's a bittersweet thing.  You're emotionally involved and then you think, "I don't know what's going to happen."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Celebritysmack, VH1
(Image Courtesy of VH1)