Spend Valentine's Day with a 'Rock of Love' Girl!
We still don't know which Rock of Love 2 girl will ultimately “win” Bret Michaels' “heart” (i.e., will get final backstage pass and will pretend to have tried to have a long-distance relationship with him until they break up at the reunion and season 3 is announced). Since it is all being kept hush-hush for now, the chosen lady most likely will not be able to spend Valentine's Day with Bret at his appearance in St. Charles, MO.

But no self-respecting Rock of Love girl would spend a Valentine's Day at home alone. These are party girls, and so most likely party they will, including on the big day. If you want to party with them, there are a couple of opportunities for those of you who live in the Chicago area.

If brunettes are your type, Inna will be appearing at the "The On Q Club" in Elgin, IL. She's appearing the same night as an 80's music star who found a second career in reality television, but not, it's not Rock of Love star Bret. It's Vanilla Ice; he's going to be at the club as well, along with the 2007 Chicago Rhymespitters Champ – Sam I Am.

If you think that blondes have more fun, then you might want to instead spend your Valentine's Day with Daisy De La Hoya. She'll be at Club Energy in Chicago, and will be available for pictures or for taking “shots of Jack Daniels with her at the bar!” Bring that extra liver, Daisy.

If Playboy model and Beauty and the Geek Season 3 winner Megan Hauserman is your favorite, though, you are out of luck for Valentine's Day. She recently let her fans know that she is in Mexico filming a TV show until March. Hmmm…wonder what that could be? When we find out, we will let you know!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: FamousVH1Friends.com, MySpace
(Image courtesy of VH1)