'Rock of Love' Star Bret Michaels Discusses Music and Family
In between dating Rock of Love Bus winner Taya and the numerous tours with his band, Bret Michaels says that one of his priorities is simply being a dad.  He recently talked to Sioux Falls Argus Leader about the memoir he just released, titled "Bret Michaels: Roses and Thorns."  There's no doubt the musician is enjoying his success, but there's more to it that we think.

With a solo album "Rock My World" to his credit, Bret Michaels has been gaining even more fans for his efforts.  Even though he's used to the thousands of girls screaming his name, he still finds the life of a rockstar exciting.

"I love where I'm at in my life," the Rock of Love reality star revealed.  "I love that I get to travel, I love the fact that I have two daughters.  I feel that as a musician, I'm learning every day and playing better every day.  That's part of what I got into it for was the longevity.  I never wanted to have one of those paparazzi overnight successes.  I like having a career."

Now that he's busy making music on his own, Bret Michaels is finding the work to be such a thrill.  "I love making solo music," he exclaimed.  "To actually go in and make a solo record, I have complete freedom of production.  [...] I'm still very thankful for all that I've gotten to do with Poison as well."

As for his family life, Bret has always tried to put his kids first.  He has a 9-year-old named Raine Elizabeth and a 4-year-old called Jorja Bleu.  "I see my daughters almost every day off," he revealed.  "I bring them on the road with me."

"In my life, one thing that I know that I love doing and that I'm good at is that I'm a good father.  It's a lot of trial and error.  At the same time, I love being with my daughters.  It happened to me at a good time in my life.  When they come out on the road, they're little rockers, and they enjoy it."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Sioux Falls Argus Leader
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