Rock of Love: Preview of Episode 2.9 "Going to Ex-tremes"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Previously on Rock of Love 2, the remaining girls were asked to participate in a talent show to salute the U.S. veterans.  Ambre stole the show with her tap shoes and really had the crowd on her side. Inna, on the other hand, decided to take her dance routine to a new level in the form of stripping.  At dinner, Ambre and Destiney confronted Kristy Joe about her true feelings for Bret Michaels, saying that she wasn't really there for him.  Kristy Joe didn't care what everyone thought about her.  In the end, Ambre was given the first pass, while Inna met her demise on the show because of her attitude with one of the USO choreographers.

With only six girls remaining in the house, the pressure intensified as Michaels put the hopefuls in yet another challenge.  This time, the girls' creativity was put to the test as they are asked to shoot, direct and edit their own music videos.  The tension escalated further when one of Michaels' favorite contestants had a major melt down, leading Michaels to make a tough decision about who should stay and who should go home. Ultimately, Kristy Joe voluntarily withdrew from the competition.

Read on to find out what's in store for the next episode of Rock of Love.

The ninth episode of Rock of Love 2 is called “Going to Ex-tremes,” where secrets are revealed, sparks fly, and mayhem ensues on the craziest day yet at the Rock of Love mansion.  This installment follows Bret Michaels as he surprises the remaining girls by inviting their ex-boyfriends.  He takes the guys out on the town to dig up dirt on the girls.  Meanwhile, the final five girls are left to stew back at the house under the supervision of yet one more surprise guest.

Catch “Going to Ex-tremes” on March 23 at 9pm on VH1.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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