Rock of Love: Heather Speaks About Her Unaired Make-Out Session with Bret
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Heather Chadwell, who lost to Jes Rickleff during the first season of Rock of Love, has proudly returned in a recent episode to help Bret Michaels weed out his ideal match from the fakes and gold-diggers vying for his attention in the second season of the VH1 reality dating show.  On the other hand, her comeback may also imply an ulterior motive.

Although Heather came on Rock of Love 2 in a non-romantic role, she reveals that her reunion with the infamous Poison front man has become steamier than what she expected.

“See, that's the thing.  They didn't show everything.  They didn't show when I was in the bedroom with him, telling him about the girls.  He was like, ‘You look really good,' and he starts making out with me.  We're rolling around on the bed while the girls are outside in the yard.  For me, I wasn't sure if I was coming back in like New York or what.  So what I was doing was not just getting dirt for him, but for myself as well,” Heather said.

Noticeably, Heather immediately took charge as she walked into the Rock of Love mansion with her outstanding presence and arguably improved physique.  Comparing herself to this season's pool of women, she says that nobody really stands out.

“That was the whole goal.  I wanted to come back fierce as hell,” Heather said.  “I learned a lot watching myself and I wanted to come back looking hot and running s***, giving the public what they want to see: boobs, drunkenness and fights."

“Some of the other girls don't seem like they have any self-respect.  They're so desperate.  They're such followers and wannabes.  They'll do anything to get out of the situation they're in.  They're fake, desperate, easy gold-diggers and that's not going to win Bret's heart,” she added.

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-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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