Rock of Love: Frenchie Joins 'Reality Horror Night'
If being watched by millions of people isn't scary enough, Rock of Love 2's Frenchie (aka Angelique Morgan) is slated to appear in a new reality flick of the horror genre.  During the reunion special of Rock of Love: Charm School, she was talking about appearing in some sort of “scary movie.”  Though it was difficult to believe, she was actually telling the truth.  Frenchie will be joining the cast of the upcoming Reality Horror Night.

Along with other contestants from reality shows, Frenchie is going to compete for a million dollar prize that might just cost the participants their lives.  Fellow Rock of Love 2 contestant Destiney Moore will also be on Reality Horror Night, much to her fans' (if there are any) delight.  Joining the two ladies are Erik Chopin, who won The Biggest Loser 3, Billy Garcia of Survivor, Robert Smith of I Wanna Work for Diddy, Elizabeth Gasinski of NBC's Momma's Boy and other contestants from different reality series. 

Reality Horror Night
was created by Sean Pomper, who also serves as executive producer.  According to its official website, the endeavor is supposedly a new type of film based on a reality show.  The official description reads: “This light-comedy, light-horror, suspenseful film ponders the question...”Would you kill for $`1,000,000?”  Little do our Reality Stars know that this night might be considered a scam, a scam for their lives.” 

Below, you can see the teaser trailer for Reality Horror Night.  The film is all set to air in October, but the producers are promoting it this early anyway.  It's an early Halloween for Rock of Love fans and non-fans.

There's Frenchie and Destiney on there, but they're not really much reason to watch the whole thing.  Going from Rock of Love to this might help their careers though.  Despite that, it may be interesting to find out how a movie/reality show plays out.  Reality Horror Night could even promise death to reality stars we don't like, so we have yet to see.

Watch out for Reality Horror Night later this year, and catch Rock of Love Bus on VH1, Sundays at 11pm.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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