Rock of Love: Courtney Answers Her Critics
The writers' strike has had financial implications for many in the entertainment industry beyond the writers themselves. The crew of scripted reality shows are also effectively on hold once the previously-written scripts are used up.

The glut of reality shows is great for at least one industry, however: producers of alcoholic beverages. Whether it's an unabashedly trashy show like Rock of Love or trash masquerading as “class” like The Bachelor, one thing is certain for any reality dating show – there will be booze. Rivers and rivers (or, in the case of Rock of Love, wheelbarrows) of booze. It's no joke when, in one Rock of Love preview, Heather Chadwell ominously warns the women that they better have brought their extra liver.

One woman from last Sunday's premiere, alas, neglected to pack that spare organ and paid the price. Courtney tippled a bit too much and found herself unceremoniously removed from the competition. She appears to be taking it in stride, but recently wrote that she wishes people would maybe just lighten up about it a bit.

As she wrote on her MySpace blog, “Sometimes people get too drunk. Big friggin' deal!! Some of ya'll are acting like I kicked a puppy or punched a baby or tackled an old lady with a hip replacement. IT'S REALITY TV FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!”

She expresses surprise that people have reacted with such vehement disapproval, a legitimate reaction I think, since doesn't the very act of watching Rock of Love mean you are ceding the moral high ground?

Courtney writes that she went on the show “for the experience and the possibility of genuinely caring about someone else.” But, she writes, she wasn't taking all too serious, saying, “I knew what my odds were, so I wasn't by any means going to put all my eggs into the reality TV basket.

She also writes that she did meet Bret Michaels, “[b]ut thank you to the creative editing powers that be, those parts failed to make the final cut. If it so tickles your fancy, has the extra video clips up for you viewing pleasure. He is a very nice and genuinely caring individual, especially when he didn't have to be.”

Live and let live, Courtney seems to be saying, and closes with “I'm a nice girl, really. I'm a little wild and a bit of a lush, but I'm good people.”

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Courtney's MySpace
(Image courtesy of VH1)