Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels: Episode 4 Recap (1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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For a season that started out with so much scandalous promise, Rock of Love Bus sure has been disappointingly dull this season. After three thrown drinks in the first episode, we've seen none since and at least for now, all the girls are pretty much getting along. In fact in the largest confrontation of this week's episode, the conversation went a little something like this. "You know I really like you, but what you did is not cool." It also involved saying a cheeseburger was needed multiple times, but come on! This is reality TV, scandalous, trashy, tasteless reality TV, and you're prefacing your confrontations with friendly words?!? What has happened to the trashy show I once felt a need to bathe in bleach with after watching? So disappointing.

Perhaps the dull nature of the show was because Episode 4 started on a serious note; retired-model Maria, a season long favorite for winning it all, had to drop out of the show because of "serious medical issues." Big John just huddles the girls around the bus one morning and says Maria was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night and we don't know her condition, but she's no longer on tour. And that's it--the show must go on. An early article about this season said that one of the contestants suffered a stroke while on the road, and we wonder if that's the serious medical condition Big John referred to. Whatever the case, Maria is gone and the top spot for Bret's heart is now wide open.


This episode centered around "the Roadie Challenge," when the scantily clad women of Rock of Love Bus must break down a stage for the chance at VIP access to Bret's concert that night. This challenge is more ridiculous than most on Rock of Love Bus, because it actually strikes us as dangerous. This is a job that is usually done by professionals, who happen to be gigantic burly men in boots and Carharts--tonight it's going to be done by a bunch of bobble-headed bikini clad groupies. Unsurprisingly, someone gets hurt during the challenge. Penthouse Playmate Taya, steps right off the stage while wrapping up some chords and lands directly on her skull according to Bret. Taya doesn't miss a beat and jumps right back on stage sobbing, but determined to finish the job. Her teammates, especially Farrah are pissed at Taya for crying and are trying a Marine Drill Sergeant approach to get her to stop.

While one team is yelling at their own for hurting herself, the other team is slowly but surely plugging away at breaking down the stage. While the challenge was close, Taya's injury was just too much for their team to overcome, so the opposing team of Ashley, Beverly, Brittanya, and Natasha win. These ladies, as well as already randomly chosen VIP Marcia Brazil win special VIP treatment for the night's concert and a date with Bret the following day. While the winners are treated to sexy dresses, champagne, and a special gift from Bret, the losers get a "white trash picnic" on the bus and seats in general admission. Farrah and Taya are pretty good sports about this, but Mindy who is constantly worried about her lack of time with Bret, is really bummed out and is doing nothing to cover her displeasure. Meanwhile, the VIP'ers are dancing with Bret on stage and Beverly, the one girl who seems to really love Bret's music, is singing along. 


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-- Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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