Rock of Love Bus: The Halls of Reality Television
Rock of Love Bus contestant Mindy Hall is surely not the first of her kin to appear on a reality series, but only a handful of people know that.  Her features might actually be very familiar to audiences, especially those who've seen Survivor: Guatemala.  It's all because it was Mindy's identical twin sister who first appeared on the eleventh season of the CBS show.

Zookeeper Cindy Hall, a long-time fan of the Survivor series, tried out for the program and later made it to the Top 5 contestants.  It's just like how Mindy's been doing these days, as she's become one of the frontrunners in Bret Michaels' search for love.  Both of these ladies seem ready to prove how they can face extraordinary challenges – despite the obvious differences between their chosen endeavors. 

In 2005, Cindy Hall rose to reality TV fame with her athletic ability and competitive nature.  She auditioned for Survivor four times before finally getting accepted, which means she's driven to show that her spirit can't be crushed easily.  Describing herself as “passionate, tenacious, and naturalistic,” Cindy is someone who fights for her beliefs no matter what.

Cindy soon ended up winning a couple of reward challenges during her stint on Survivor: Guatemala.  Her first victory was on episode 11, where she took fellow contestant Rafe with her for a feast, a massage and time on the waterfall pool.  Mindy Hall also made her appearance on the subsequent episode, since she was permitted to stay overnight at camp. 

The spotlight was taken by Cindy once again, but it soon led to her elimination.  She was given the option of keeping her prize, a 2006 Pontiac Torrent, or giving one to each of the remaining contestants.  Since she chose the former, she greatly upset the others, who eventually voted her out. 

Even so, it appears as though all that determination runs in the family.  Lately, Mindy has been a force to be reckoned with on Rock of Love Bus.  Since she became part of the Bottom 3 in the fourth episode, she has slowly found her way to the top of the game.  She bounced back, won a number of challenges, and was even named MVP in the Mud Bowl contest.

On that episode, Mindy tackled and scored a touchdown, in more ways than one.  She earned a solo date with Bret Michaels, which will probably go down in the Halls' family history.  Fans of hers can only hope she won't go the same route her sister did and get the boot soon.  But then again, Cindy did drive home in a new car.  The only prize Mindy can snag is, well, Bret Michaels, which is what she wants anyway.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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