Rock of Love Bus Series Finale: Who's Going Home?
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will be named Bret's Rock of Love, then make your own picks at Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV.

BuddyTV Users’ Picks:

1. 64 % of users think Taya will be eliminated
2. 36% of users think Mindy will be eliminated

BuddyTV Expert Abbey Simmons' Picks:

1. Taya
2. Mindy


It's the finale, with only two girls remaining, so no one is safe.

On the Bubble:

Both Mindy and Taya are on the bubble, since Bret hasn't chosen a clear favorite this season. However, I think Taya should be more worried about elimination than Mindy. Taya's motives still aren't clear, while there is no doubt Mindy is there for Bret alone.

Death Watch:

Both Mindy and Taya are on death watch, there is the possibility (albeit slim) that Bret doesn't choose either of them. However, if I was Taya, I'd pre-pack my bag for the lonely trip home.


1. AiraZ, 8000 points
2. saucer, 7250 points
(tie) curliegurl78, 7250 points
(tie) dusti22603, 7250 points
(tie) iamvampire2004, 7250 points
(tie) coldplayLUVR, 7250 points
(tie) twolv08, 7250 points
(tie) SefaunaDunker2, 7250 points
(tie) winifred123, 7250 points
10. auttienkassiemom, 6750 points

You have until noon PT on the day of the elimination to make your picks, so be sure you play Rock of Love Bus Fantasy TV.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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