'Rock of Love Bus' Heads Off to Talk to Brittaney
VH1 interviewed the recent castoff from the Rock of Love Bus, and she revealed quite a lot about the many miseries she experienced on the show.  Despite all that, Brittaney found the whole thing funny and said that she was satisfied about her screen time.

“I feel I was portrayed completely wrong,” Brittaney began.  “I was probably the sweetest, nicest person on there.  They took 48 hours and edited into 30 minutes and I looked like a crybaby racist.  I'm far from that." 

Though she admitted that the first week on Rock of Love Bus was fine and that she got along with the rest of the girls, things just began to turn nasty.  “Natasha, the little black girl, accused me of giving someone drugs, which I would never do,” Brittaney confessed.  “She said I gave her a Xanax, and I didn't even have Xanax on me.  I don't understand where this came from.  She kept on it and all the girls started turning on me, one after the other and it became this big drama fest.  But that's great for TV.”

“I got a good laugh out of it, actually.  I was definitely a great character on the show.  They made me a huge asset.  Even though they portrayed me looking like a stalker, which I'm not, I became a villainous character.  It wasn't how I was completely during the show, but in a way, it's kind of funny.” 

Brittaney also admitted that she really wasn't a huge fan of Bret Michaels, but she did like his band.  Even so, she claims that Rock of Love Bus made it look like she was completely head over heels for him, which wasn't true.  “I'm sorry that it looked like that.  But I do think that Bret is a great guy.  Another thing they didn't show was at the end, I told him I didn't feel anything for him either and I just wanted him to find his true love.” 

On the show, Brittaney was remembered for the incident in which Bret recognized her as an adult film star.  But she's come a long way from that, which she calls an empowering stage in her life.

“I haven't done an adult film in five years. I'm a producer and director, not a starlet,” she said.  “I've performed in very few films.  I performed in them to learn the business of producing and directing and then  I opened my own company where I produced two video lines.  It's been five years since I closed that business.  I now own a concierge service and I'm a DJ in Las Vegas.” 

As Brittaney moves towards the future, she admits that she'll look back on Rock of Love Bus with mixed feelings.  “It was half good experience and half horrible experience. I'm too educated and successful as a woman to have to deal with junior-high drama.  I just can't believe that women of their age would actually act that way. I am happy, though, that I was a crybaby from time to time because I dominated the camera.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
(Image Courtesy of VH1)