Rock of Love: Bret Michaels Opens Up About Pam Anderson Breakup
If it wasn’t for Pam Anderson, Bret Michaels probably wouldn’t have been the star of his own reality series: Rock of Love.  Now that he’s truly over their 1990s era relationship, Michaels talked to Blender magazine about why he thinks it didn’t last.  Apparently, the blame’s been cast on Pamela’s mother. 

The frontman of rock band Poison admitted that he tried his best to win over Mrs. Anderson, but constantly failed at his attempts.  He recalls how he tried drastic measures just to get her to like him.

“One of her mom’s favorite bands was the Beach Boys, so I called up John Stamos, who played drums occasionally for the band,” Bret Michaels revealed.  “I said, ‘John, can you put the mom on the side of the stage?’  So he does—they even let her go out and sing with the Beach Boys.” 

“The next day, Pamela goes, ‘My mom really doesn’t like you very much.’ I’m thinking, What the f***?  The mom really didn’t like the rocker thing or the way I looked—Pamela had never dated a rocker before.  I think that played a big part in the relationship.” 

If Mrs. Anderson isn’t the real reason for their breakup, Bret said that another cause might be Pam’s Baywatch coworkers.  He didn’t get along with them, especially actor David Charvet, who had dated Pam a while back. 

“We were at a Baywatch screening and I was taking insulin,” Bret said, pointing out his diabetic condition.  “In the middle of taking the shot, they come over and grab me by my arm.  I mean, I’m over in the corner, not like, ‘Hey, look at me!’  They—the production company, Charvet—f**kin’ flipped out on me!  Charvet got a bunch of people.  Pamela’s screaming at him.  It was pretty wild.  I could’ve, but did not, sue them.” 

Despite all the reasons he could state, Bret Michaels knew that things with Pamela wouldn’t really work out.  What he calls a “very fun, very sexual” romance lasted for a year, and Bret knows that it was their hectic celebrity lives that got in the way.  Perhaps this was why Rock of Love Bus was created. 

“I was on the road playing a lot, and I still had feelings for someone else at the time too.  One day, she was in Hawaii or something, and I was just like, ‘Listen, I think you’re beautiful, but you’re getting a lot of pressure and all this stuff.  Let’s just end it and be cool and be friends.’” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of VH1)