Rock of Love 2: No More Third Season According to Ambre
It seems that Bret Michaels has indeed found his Rock of Love in the recently-concluded second season of his reality dating show, as he and Ambre Lake are happy together.  In fact, contrary to the speculations of many, Rock of Love isn't going to come back for a third installment, and Ambre herself confirms it.

Following the massive drama session in the Rock of Love reunion show, Ambre has posted on her MySpace blog her thoughts on the reunion, the Heather-Daisy cat fight and her life with Bret outside reality television.

Coming off Rock of Love, Ambre knew it was going to be a couple of months before she could go out in the public with her new rock star boyfriend, as the reality series was still airing.  In previous interviews, she revealed that it was a difficult time for her, but her secret rendezvous with Bret made her even more excited to wait until the reunion show to let the whole world know about their relationship.  So where are they now exactly?

"We are dating and as we both discussed on the reunion show we are not disillusioned," Ambre wrote on her MySpace blog.  "Don't think we're going to run off and get married.  We are dating in the 'real' world and just seeing where things will go."

This pretty much echoes what Bret Michaels said in his post-Rock of Love interview, where he said that he had indeed found someone he truly liked.  He saw this as the beginning of the relationship, and said that he will wait it out to see where it would go.

As for Ambre's thoughts on the Daisy and Heather cat fight, she says, "I know there has been a lot of animosity between the two of them and I can understand that, but I just feel it was unfortunate that it had to become physical."

Right now, Ambre has also been busy venturing into various projects to further her television career.

"I have been traveling doing some appearances and auditioning like crazy for upcoming projects," she wrote.  "I will keep you guys posted on new things as they come along."

While many may speculate that they will be seeing more of Ambre on Bret's shows, Ambre says that there is a great possibility of that happening in the near future.

"We are working on our schedules together and scheduling dates on the cities I will be at," Ambre wrote.  Moreover, she says that she's looking forward to meeting even more fans from different parts of the United States.

"It will be great for us to be together but to also be able to meet you guys in your home towns," she wrote.  "I'm really excited about this!"

Catch more of Bret Michaels--and possibly Heather--in his ongoing tour as he comes to a town near you.  For more information on his gigs, log on to Bret Michael's official website.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1, MySpace
(Photo courtesy of VH1)