Rock of Love 2: Jessica Talks About Being "Innocent"
Previously on VH1's Rock of Love 2, we saw a whole lot of drama involving the final four women who haven't woken up from a really bad nightmare. Heather from season 1 also arrived, along with the ex-boyfriends. Later, Ambre, Destiney, Daisy, and Jessica headed out with Bret to Las Vegas for a little out-of-town date. While Jessica and Destiney landed a golfing date with Bret Michaels, Daisy and Ambre scored a dinner date. Jessica showed off her golfing chops while Destiney danced around the poles for the lack of any golfing skills. Back at the hotel room, Heather went into a discussion on who among the girls should win the competition. Shamelessly letting everyone know she disliked Daisy, Heather turned everyone on her, and as soon as she came back, everyone gets into a huge cat fight.

Come elimination time, Bret labeled Jessica as "too innocent" for his rock 'n roll lifestyle and decided to give her the boot. Yesterday, Jessica had a chat with VH1 to talk about what really went down during her stint on Rock of Love 2.

"Being called 'innocent' and whatever, there's a lot more negative things to be typecast as, even on that show," Jessica says. "I'd rather be known for saying that I'm innocent, if to them, innocent means someone who's open, honest, loving, caring, intelligent and non-combative."

She adds, "Just because I didn't throw myself on guys and run around naked, I don't think that makes me innocent. I think that makes me self-assured and confident."

Apparently Bret did not understand this side of Jessica, which he plainly labeled as "innocent." Given the time constraint of the reality dating series, the process of getting to know someone would indeed be rushed, and might even contribute to misunderstandings.

"I think in the time period we had together, there's no real way to know how someone truly is. It's a bummer but it's just something I'll never be," Jessica added. "I want [Bret] to be happy and if he has doubts, we don't have the luxury of working them out. We don't have enough time."

In fact, when asked about the hardest thing about being on the show, Jessica replied, "Just getting time with Bret and getting to know him. I never felt threatened by the women, but I had no idea how hard it would be to get time with Bret."

With all the time pressure and the competition with the other women, one can't help but get into an emotional fit. Most reality dating shows have this one factor that actually makes it even more interesting—all the drama. When it came to Jessica, however, it seemed like she was able to avoid most of it while she was in the house.

"I think the reason I was so low-drama was that I never felt threatened by anybody. I never was really worried about the other women because I wanted Bret to get to know everyone," Jessica revealed. "I wanted to know that if I was the one he ended up with, it was because the other girls weren't right for him, not because he didn't get to know them, or didn't have time with them or any of those things."

Despite the tough competition with the other women in the house, Jessica admitted that she is still friends with the girls. In fact, she said that she has grown close to Ambre and Daisy while being on the show, and they continue to keep in touch.

As for her future plans, she is looking to continue modeling, as well as her other projects.

"I just moved to North Hollywood," she said. "I have a lot of exciting things coming up, and we'll just have to see where it takes me. Hopefully, it'll all be positive."

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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