Rock of Love 2: Episode 10 "Bitter Suite" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Rock of Love 2: The ex-boyfriends (and Heather from season 1) arrived. Daisy revealed she still lives with her ex-boyfriend and Megan cried for the first time…over her ex-boyfriend, so she was eliminated.

The “awesome foursome” and Heather pack and fly off to Las Vegas with Bret. Everyone is very excited, including Bret Michaels, who romanticizes the trip to Vegas from the first season of Rock of Love. Luckily the editors remember it better and provide us with clips of the epic dinner table puke-a-thon.

Jessica and Destiney are chosen to go on a golfing date with Bret while Ambre and Daisy get dinner. Jessica is more than pleased, as she was a member of the varsity golf team in high school. Indeed, she swings a 5-iron pretty darn well, and Bret is impressed. Destiney is awful, so she resorts to pole dancing on the flag.

Meanwhile in the hotel room, Heather continues drilling the girls. She clearly has a huge beef with Daisy. Heather also wants Ambre to win, because when Ambre starts raising suspicions about Daisy's intentions, Heather encourages her to tell Bret, because right now he's too distracted by Daisy's breasts. Heather really understands that man.

At dinner, Bret wants to talk more about what happened in the last episode, particularly the part where Daisy is still living with her ex-boyfriend who she broke up with two years ago. He's not buying that she hasn't slept with him, probably because he's not a total moron. Finally Daisy drops the real secret: a while back she had an abortion, which certainly explains the closeness to her ex-boyfriend. Ambre still wonders how she can afford the boob job and lip injections while supporting her jobless, and Daisy reveals she's a dancer (I'm sick and tired of people using the word “dancer” as code for stripper). Daisy also reveals she still has a whole lot of debt.

Heather continues her master plan to turn everyone against Daisy by telling Destiney and Jessica that Daisy thinks she's already won this competition. Destiney goes temporarily insane, and Jessica vows that when Daisy returns, it's going to be on like Donkey Kong. Ha, someone on That's Amore just used that expression a few weeks ago, and I'm glad to see it's picking up steam.

As soon as Daisy returns, it is on! Destiney verbally assaults her, then Ambre chimes in, as does Heather, who throws something at Daisy. In a hilarious confessional, Jessica exclaims “Oh my gosh” and marvels at how all these girls have so much drama. She is so innocent and pure, it's kind of adorable.

The girls are invited over to presents place for a private game of blackjack. Things turn ugly fast when Daisy and Destiney get into a huge fight, spilling drinks and food all over the table. Bret gives up and orders everyone except Daisy out. He still has doubts about her situation, but calms her down. The next morning, Bret sends Heather away because her personality is too big and it's distracting him from the decisions he has to make. Also distracting him is the fact that she's obviously the perfect woman for him, and none of these other four girls even come close to being right for him.

Before elimination, Bret does some last minute investigating. He talks to Jessica and tries to determine if she's too sweet to be able to withstand the rock ‘n' roll lifestyle. Then he learns yet another secret from Daisy: she's hung out with Bret's Poison bandmate C.C. Deville. How many warning signs will it take for him to dump this chick?

Rock of Love 2 Elimination Time! Inexplicably, Daisy gets the first pass. She's either crying or having a seizure. Ambre gets the second pass, which is no surprise. Sadly, Jessica is eliminated, because nice girls finish last.

Next week on Rock of Love 2: The parents of the final three arrive. With any luck, Daisy's uncle, Oscar de la Hoya, will show up wearing fishnets.

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