Rock of Love 2: Destiney Moore Promotes Safe Sex, Returns to Reality TV
While the crowd has already dispersed following the recently concluded Rock of Love 2, we find a few still hanging on to reality TV.  We already reported that VH1 has recalled some of the most memorable personalities in their dating competitions for their newest reality show, I Love Money.  This pits the contestants to vie for a jackpot prize of $250,000.  Aside from some I Love New York alums, we have four Rock of Love women who joined in the fun.  In fact, one of them happens to be second season third placer, Destiney Moore.

A model, actress and host, Destiney Moore first entered the world of Rock of Love in its first season.  However, she wasn’t able to land a spot in the final 25 who appeared on season 1 of Rock of Love.  She finally did make it to reality TV after she was spotted and Hollywood and was asked to join the show.  Her stint was pretty successful, landing third place right behind Daisy dela Hoya and Ambre Lake, who eventually landed the prize of Bret Michael’s affections.  Nonetheless, Destiney’s happily pursuing a career after Rock of Love, with a few endeavors for a good cause on the side.

Destiney Moore recently combined efforts with the Ramones’ drummer Marky Ramone to promote sex education and awareness among sexually active couples.  Ready Two Go (, an organization aimed at “[making] a difference in the way you approach intimate opportunities,” are the ones behind the safer sex kits, and other products such as condoms and lubricants.

“The world has lost too many people to STDs of all types and that is why I joined up with Ready Two Go for my signature series of safer sex tins,” Marky Ramone said.  As part of their campaign, Ramone created a signature series of safer sex kits to reach their target consumers—the youth and adults who are sexually active.  He used the influence of music and pop culture to bring a new wave of hip and cool new safe sex kits.

“We knew we needed a strong voice to help us get the message out about safe sex,” founder of Ready Two Go, Brad Hanson said.  “After we had the opportunity to meet with Marky Ramone and truly understand why he wanted to have a safer sex kit, we knew that we all had one common voice — to spread the love and contain STDs.”

Destiney Moore also released her own safe sex kit line named “The Naughty Haughty” tins.

“I lost a friend to HIV, so this is close to me.  I want to help educate people of the need to protect,” Destiney explained.

These safe sex kits, which come in small tin cans, contain two Lifestyles condoms, lubricant and an STD resource card.  The tin cans are covered with various hip colors and design.  Marky Ramone’s line showcases his emblem with the line “Too Tuff to Break” while Destiney Moore’s collection shows off a pink-and-black rock and roll design with a winged guitar.

Fans out there will be also in for a treat.  In fact, for every 1000th purchase of Marky Ramone’s safe sex kit, they will get a chance to win a pair of autographed Vic Firth drumsticks, as thanks from the company for joining in the campaign to increase safe sex awareness.

To catch the drift on the new line of safe sex kits, log on to and watch out for Destiney Moore as she returns to reality TV with VH1’s I Love Money.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Photo courtesy of VH1)