Rock of Love 2: Daisy and Ambre Talk About Life After the Competition
Now that the second season of Rock of Love is over, Bret Michaels has finally found a woman to share his rock n' roll lifestyle with.  He isn't quick to jump into a serious relationship, though he assures fans that he and Ambre are taking it one step at a time.  In fact, it seems that there won't be any major break-ups happening anytime soon.  Fans are already looking forward to the reunion show, and recently, VH1 met up with Ambre Lake and Daisy De La Hoya to talk about their final days on Rock of Love, and how they've been dealing with life after the reality show.

Read on to find out if Daisy's still hung up on Bret, and if Ambre's feelings for him changed in the course of five months.

"Absolutely not," Ambre Lake, who was named as Bret Michaels' Rock of Love in the show's second season, said when asked if the feelings she had for him during the finale changed over the past months.  "He told me, 'Listen, we can't see each other.  I'm not even supposed to call you.  You need to know what you're up against.'  I told him that I knew what I signed up for.  I'm a strong, confident woman.  I'm not needy.  Was it hard?  Of course.  But I feel like it was well worth it."

Second placer Daisy, on the other hand, says that she took the time to heal and recover from the whole experience.

"After I came off the show, it was really hard.  It took me a good two months to recover from everything," she said. "Not just Bret, but everything that happened."

"Am I over him? Yeah," Daisy said confidently.  She also admitted that the two had very different views when it came to relationships.

"I don't think that Bret understood that there's not going to be any type of physical relationship with him unless we're in a relationship," she said.  "That's just how I work.  He's a rock star and used to having free relationships and sexual contact with girls, but I am not that girl."

Ambre, on the other hand, says that she totally gets the rock star lifestyle.  She understands Bret's needs to be away all the time due to his profession, and says that she also needs someone like him to understand her line of work as well.

"I'm in the entertainment industry, and it's hard to date someone who isn't. I'm always on set.  I'm never home.  When I'm on set, I can't answer the phone," Ambre explained.  "Bret has a similar lifestyle.  He's always on the road.  It's hard to get in touch with him.  So he gets it and it's really refreshing to date someone who understands my life."

As for Daisy and Ambre's relationship post-Rock of Love, it may need some patching up, but Ambre's confident that they're moving past the negative things that happened between them on the show.

"After the reunion [taped a few weeks ago], we talked," Ambre said.  "A situation like a reality show is out-of-the-ordinary.  It got bad in Cancun.  She was hurt, I was hurt.  We talked about it and I think we're moving past it."

Daisy, on the other hand, may be harboring some bitter feelings towards Ambre and Bret, as she believes that their relationship won't last.

"I don't think so," Daisy replied if she believes that their relationship was strong enough to last.  "I don't think Ambre is aware of who Bret truly is.  He is a rock star.  He's been a rock star for 20-plus years.  He's never going to change his ways."

More importantly, she pointed out, "He's never been married for a reason."

Nonetheless, Daisy says that she is still hoping for the best for the two of them.  In fact, she says, "I could be wrong.  Maybe he's at a point in his life where he wants something serious."

"I hope it does work out," Daisy said. "But in my opinion, Ambre's not ready to handle that sort of thing."

Don't forget to catch the reunion show coming this Sunday at 9pm on VH1.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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