Rock of Love 2: Bret Michaels Reveals the Real Deal
A couple of days ago, VH1's Rock of Love 2 concluded its 12-episode second season with the 37-year-old Ambre Lake winning the competition.  For most fans, this seemed like a mature step taken by Bret Michaels, who previously chose the young, emotionally immature Jes Rickleff over fan choice Heather Chadwell, to be his Rock of Love.  In fact, the 45-year-old musician has indeed changed from what he was in the 80's as the frontman for the rock band Poison.  Today, he's a matured man who still got the rock vibes in him, although it has mellowed down a notch or two.

Rock of Love has, for Bret, been the first step in finding someone he could possibly spend the rest of his life with, contrary to what Daisy dela Hoya might have thought.  In fact, Bret Michaels finally admits to finding "someone who is really nice and cool and gets rock 'n' roll.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press following the conclusion of Rock of Love 2, Bret Michaels shared his thoughts on the reality competition/dating game setting, and his real intentions upon going into the reality show.

"I said this from day one: I went into this to have fun and maybe find someone to like.  True love is not going to be found instantly on a TV show," Bret Michaels began.  "Anyone thinking they are going into a TV show finding love, they might find someone that they like and eventually learn to like them more."

Basically, Bret believed that everything just happened by chance.  It would be great for him to find a woman he could truly connect with in the deeper sense while on the reality show, and try to establish even just a friendship thereon afterwards.  As for this season of Rock of Love, he dove into it just like he did during the show's debut season.

"I think finding true love, I never went in with that intent," Bret said.  However, now that he has indeed found someone he truly has a connection with, he believes in the endless possibilities the relationship can eventually become.

"We can see when it goes from here," he said.

Nonetheless the Poison frontman still picked up some life lessons from the reality show that brought him another generation of fans.

"One good lesson that I have learned is patience.  Even if you are not listening, act like you are listening," he said.  Indeed, it was patience that finally got him down to the real deal when it came to the various personalities of the women on the competition.

"Therein is the challenge - getting to the bottom of what the truth is.  You know if anyone goes on a date it is the face of a stranger," Bret said about getting to know the women.  "The true colours (eventually) come out."

As for Bret's own true colors, he believed that Rock of Love did shed some light to his own personality, and showcased him as a solo artist.

"I am a rock star/musician who has had, with a lot hard work, a continuous and long career with or without reality TV.  I have generations of fans," he said. "I think the show has been a plus for this reason: it has exposed my solo act.  It has exposed that this is really me."

Catch Bret Michaels as he continues on with his solo U.S. tour and heads to a town near you.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Associated Press, The Canadian Press
(Image courtesy of VH1)