Rock of Love 2: Ambre Tells the Truth Behind the Lies
Previously on Rock of Love 2, we saw Meet the Fockers Bret Michaels style when some of the relatives of the final three women were invited to the mansion for some quality time with Bret. Ambre's father was the first to step into the house, with Destiney's parents following shortly. Daisy, on the other hand, did not have her parents or relatives over. Instead, she had her "surrogate sister," Stephanie, who was in fact Daisy's ex-boyfriend, Charles' real sister. Daisy, Destiney and Ambre each got some alone time with Bret and their guest, as they went out on dates.

And in the true Rock of Love fashion, Episode 11 gave us another surprise when Ambre's father revealed another shocker—his daughter's real age! Ambre Lake is nowhere anywhere her early thirties. In fact, her father says she's thirty-freaking-seven.

Almost immediately after this episode aired, most of us thought, "She's a downright liar." However, Ambre recently posted a blog entry explaining her side of the story.

"Ok I never write blogs because I like for you guys to enjoy the show and believe in the experience," Ambre began. "However, I need to set the record straight because all of you know that I’m an HONEST, down-to-earth person. So, when I’m portrayed as a liar I just can’t let people believe that."

We've already heard stories about how some reality shows aren't real, and this may as well be one of them.

"I never lied to Bret about my age," Ambre wrote. "If you look at the playback with our date with Sateesh, you will see that I never tell Bret my age."

Surely, there's a lot of heavy editing going on with all these reality shows, and with the way they are getting saturated nowadays, we can't hardly even call them reality shows anymore. Ambre says it's all the editing, and how the producers portrayed her that got her all the negative comments all over her VH1 blog.

"My voice is dubbed over," she wrote. "If I HAD ever discussed my age with Bret, I assure you there would have been footage of me actually TELLING him my age."

Now, Ambre is indignant that she did not lie about her age and that Bret was surprised to hear that she was in fact 37 years old because either he felt that she looked too hot to be her age.

"I was portrayed as a liar when I never was," she revealed. "I was always truthful with Bret and I will always be true to myself. That is why I felt very strongly about disclosing this information."

It seems that Ambre still has a strong head upon her shoulders, as she won't let this slip-up ruin her stint on Rock of Love 2. Now that we're down to one last episode, Bret will have to choose between Ambre and Daisy, unless he does a Brad Womack and refuses to pick one of the women. Rock of Love 3, anyone? Nonetheless, Ambre says that she will stick to the battle, which is coming to a close.

"I am an actress/tv host and I signed up for this," Ambre wrote. "I signed up for the drama, the editing and I knew things would or could be twisted...It’s a great TV show and there is not a lot of drama with me so ok, they had to create drama."

However, she felt that this time, the reality dating series had gone too far.

"I don’t agree with being portrayed as a liar," she wrote. "I just have a huge problem with that."

See if this issue will factor in with Bret's final decision on the next episode of Rock of Love 2 on VH1.

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-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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