'Rock of Love 1' DVD Release Planned for April
Maybe you are enjoying the new crop of girls on Rock of Love 2 well enough. You like Kristy Joe and how she brings the drama, Daisy's spunky attitude, Peyton's singer-songwriter edge, Megan's Playboy curves, Catherine's homage-to-the-‘80's hair, Inna's tough-girl persona and…um…I guess you'd call it a “tan”?

But maybe some part of you longs for more. A more outré villain like Lacey Conner. A more complex drama queen, like Samantha. A more memorable catch phrase like, “Don't threaten me with a good time.” You know: the good ole days of Rock of Love 1.

Well, don't fret, because in April, you can start reliving Rock of Love 1 when its DVD is released.

The Rock of Love 1 DVD will be a three-disc set with all thirteen episodes for a total of 558 minutes running time. That's right, people: very nearly ten solid hours of stripper poles, silicone, bleached-blonde hair and other things that kinda turn Bret Michaels on.

And of course, don't forget: Lacey! Although Rock of Love 2 has certainly has had its entertaining moments, no girl has yet to stand up and take on the mantle of House Villain with quite the same eager gusto has did Lacey. Admit it, Lacey-haters: you kind of miss her, don't you?

But don't think the DVD is just going to give you the bare bones of the episodes from season 1 and nothing more. There will be extras to include more phone sex, a late night food fight, “HeatherCam,” “Bret's Sexy Sing-A-Long,” “Get it On” music video and a Supertrailer! It's almost too much fun! I'm definitely feeling threatened with a good time.

The DVD is currently scheduled to be released on April 8, but if you're the kind who hates to wait, in the meantime, many different retailers are making the set available for pre-order.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Blabbermouth.net
(Image courtesy of VH1)