Rock of Love 2: Aubrey Opens Up About Her Exit
On the last episode of Rock of Love 2, Aubrey nobly gave up her chance at “love” with Bret Michaels so that her best friend in the house Kristy Joe, could have her own chance to pursue his heart. Not since Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) let Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) board that plane to Lisbon at the end of Casablanca has a personal sacrifice to allow someone else to benefit romantically been so moving.

Okay, maybe there are a few other sacrifices one could think of that are slightly more moving.

Okay, maybe a lot, and maybe hers wound up being a bit more comical than moving, but whatever. It's all about context. Don't forget that the Rock of Love universe is one in which “I don't think you're a whore” (as Heather Chadwell said to Lacey Conner during the season 1 reunion show) is considered a touching reconciliation.

Aubrey has now spoken up to give her perspective on the episode.

As we saw, it turned out that Aubrey was going home anyway, and she clarified why she thought she was staying. “It was the first time in this season that he called down someone to be eliminated before he called down someone who was moving forward, so naturally I thought I was staying.”

She also clarifies exactly what her issue was with Bret that evening in the kitchen, and why she felt it was necessary to speak with him so seriously.

"I had felt mistreated by Bret. The night he walked around me, this is how it went down. Bret and all the girls were in his room talking. I left because I was hungry and wanted to cook food for myself. Bret expressed that he was hungry to, so I cooked for both of us…[H]e ate his meal, then was tired and wanted to retire for the evening…He then decided to say goodnight to everyone else, before saying goodnight to me, and I did not even get a Thank you that I remember. So I was disappointed and felt blown off right after I had done something nice for him.”

While Bret made comments on the episode indicating that he was feeling nagged, she feels she was within her rights in simply asking for respect. “I was not asking for MORE attention then the other girls, but common courtesy would have been nice.”

Bret Michaels might have the star power on Rock of Love, but Aubrey is a young woman who feels she has just as much right to ask for what she needs from a situation. “This show is called Rock of Love. That means its Rock of Bret and Rock of Aubry and Rock of all the other girls. Its not just Bret looking for love, we are all looking for love and so we all need to follow [our] hearts.”

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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