Mindy Says She "Felt Her Heart" In the 'Rock of Love' Tour Bus
Being a runner-up for Bret Michaels affections might not seem like much, but it was a tough blow for Mindy Hall.  She was neck and neck with winner Taya Parker on Rock of Love Bus, and she admits she didn't expect to go that far.  She surely got her heart broken by the great Bret, and she knows it might take a while to get over him.

"My heart still thinks about Bret everyday," Mindy said during her VH1 interview.  Though she went on Rock of Love without any interest in the rock star, spending so much time with him stirred up her emotions.

"I never expected to like Bret the way I did, but after a few weeks, I was like, "Oh no.  I'm falling for this guy. Are you kidding me?"

After being rejected during the final episode, Mindy confessed that she had a breakdown.  The pain was such an intense experience for her that she simply couldn't stop crying.  "I had a complete breakdown in the bathroom of the resort we were in.  It was the first time I had been really by myself.  I was standing against the wall.  I realized it was totally quiet and I was by myself and it just hit me.  I slid down the wall and just sat there with my head between my knees and just cried and cried and cried.  It was sad."

"I did fall in love with him," she continued.  "I did.  I know people are going to think that's completely insane coming from a reality show, but I really did.  Everybody who knows me knows that the only reason I did and said the stuff I did was because I love him."

Regarding her former friend Taya's relationship with Bret, Mindy was bold enough to say that she thinks they won't last.  "I never saw in her eyes what I was feeling in my heart about Bret.  I was in love and I just didn't see that in her eyes."

An open and regular girl, Mindy couldn't help but say: "I honestly felt I felt my heart on the tour bus." 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1, Courant.com
(Image Courtesy of VH1)