Join the 'Rock of Love Bus' Fantasy League
If you ever wished you were Bret Michaels, here's your chance – well, sort of.  BuddyTV introduces the Rock of Love Bus Fantasy League, where users will be able to experience the reality show in a new way.  Just like the series' star, you can also choose which contestants will be sent home (to mend their aching hearts).

Pit each lady against another, picking out your least favorites and predicting which among the remaining Rock of Love girls will win Bret Michaels' affections.  For every upcoming episode, you get to select three contestants to be eliminated on the series.  It may not affect Bret's decision, but at least we can get valuable BuddyTV points for it.

For the Rock of Love Bus Fantasy League, all you need to do is to follow a few easy steps. Users who wish to participate should head over to the ue, where users will be able to experience the reality show in a page, and join the Rock of Love Bus public group.  There, you will find thumbnail photos of each contestant.  Pick out which ill-fated contenders have incurred your wrath, and drag their headshots over to the yellow space on the right. 

You won't only feel the satisfaction of knowing who got kicked off the show; you'll also get BuddyTV star points if you guessed correctly.  There's 2,000 points if your first pick candidate gets eliminated, 1,250 points if it's your second choice, and 750 points for your third.  Click the ‘Save Picks' button when you're done, and wait until after the show airs to see the results.  Every week, you get to choose which candidates get booted off VH1's Rock of Love Bus until the winner is announced. 

Bret Michaels might even thank you for it.  If not, you can always use your star points as you like.

Click on the photo below to go directly to the Rockin' Rock of Love Bus Fantasy League:

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of VH1)