Exclusive Interview: Lacey from 'Rock of Love' #2
Exclusive Interview: Lacey from 'Rock of Love' #2
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Back when Rock of Love was in the early episodes, BuddyTV spoke with Lacey Conner, the show's "villain" who, at that time, had not yet begun to fight.  Now the show is over and BuddyTV caught up with Lacey to see what's been going on with her since her Rock of Love experience ended.

Lacey spoke about her new organization to help rescue dogs from California kennels, her band Nocturne's upcoming gigs, her reaction to Jes dumping Bret Michaels on the reunion show, her parents' reaction to some of the more outrageous things Lacey did on the show, and she even hinted at the possibility of doing something more on VH1, though Lacey fans will have to wait a bit longer to see what comes of it.  Below you will find the mp3 audio file as well as the transcript of the interview.

Hi this is John from BuddyTV and I'm talking to Lacey Conner, one of the contestants from VH1's Rock of Love. How are you doing Lacey?

I'm doing great! How are you?

I'm good. Now the show has been ... it ended a while ago. What have you been up to since the show set out?

Oh my God, it's been really crazy. For starters, I actually just got signed to an agency called: APA. They are the same agency that represents Brett Michaels so I know they're going to be putting me to work. I'm going to be doing some more stuff with VH1. I'm going to be doing an internet hosting gig for Dean Guitars at the NAMM convention. And I'm doing more music stuff, and I started this dog rescue thing. So I've got a lot of stuff going on. I've got a full plate. Haha.

You definitely do. And with the new representation and doing things with VH1, is there any talk about ... because a lot of these VH1 shows then spawn off other VH1 shows ...

Right. Right.

So is there any other discussion or talk about maybe you starring in sort of your own dating show?

You know, I really wish I could answer that question but we've kind of got to keep it on the down-low right now. Everything's going to be a surprise. So, I can't answer specifically ... but I can tell you I am going to be seen on VH1 in the future and it's going to be fun. It's going to be pretty crazy. I know that's not exactly the answer you wanted to hear, but it's the best I could do for right now.

Okay. And you briefly mentioned your pet rescue that you started up: New Dawn Pet Rescue. I'm just wondering, did you start that up beforehand? Is that since you've been done?

Actually no. I started it right when the show ended. I've always been involved in animal rights, and I always used to go to protests and write letters to congressmen and things of that nature. But I decided I kind of wanted to do a more hands on type of thing. So, as soon as Rock of Love got done taping, I started my own rescue group back in April called New Dawn Pet Rescue. And what I do is I go to the pound, the LA City animal shelter. They have a very high euthanasia rate because there are so many dogs that come in and they get in more dogs than they can adopt out. There just aren't enough homes for all of these dogs. So a lot of really healthy, young dogs that have nothing wrong with them get put to sleep. So I go in and find dogs that are going to be euthanized and take them home. A lot of times too, in the pound, dogs are sick or they have a really severe injury that needs surgery, so I'll take them home. I'll get them whatever medical attention they need. I'll let them recuperate in my house, then I'll keep them as long as it takes to find them a new home so that way there's no risk that they're going to be euthanized. So, that's what I do.

Definitely sounds good. Now, how many dogs do you have at your house right now?

Oh my God! I've go so many dog's at my house. I think we're at six dogs. But so far I'm about at nine dogs that I've actually rescued and I've found new homes for 8 of them so far. I usually do about two a month or so. Also, I don't adopt them out to any person, they have to pass a series of questions and I have to approve of the lifestyle. I really want to make sure these dogs get a really great life. So, I wont adopt them to just the first random person that comes along. They really have to prove that they're going to give this dog an amazing life for me to give the dog to them.

With any of these dogs that you've rescued, have you ever gotten attached to one and you're sorry to see it go?

That's really funny that you say that because this just happened about 10 minutes ago. I just had a girl drive up here from San Diego. I'd rescued a German shepherd two weeks ago and this dog is so sweet and I got super attached to it. I actually just had a little crying session right before you called because the girl came in from San Diego and she was such a nice girl and she decided she wanted to take the dog home with her so she just took the dog. I just got done having a little crying session so, yeah that usually happens with every dog. Sometimes I'm like: ‘Why do I do this to myself?' But to me it ends up being more rewarding than it is emotional. Getting to go to the pound and pick out a new dog and knowing that the dog is going to be going to a new great home is very rewarding and it makes me feel good. So, it's worth doing for me.

One of the other things on your plate, I'm not sure what's going on with your band Nocturne, we saw you on the reunion show. What's going on with the band?

Yeah. We actually have a couple of shows in Hollywood coming up. We're actually playing this Monday night at the Key Club in Hollywood. And we're opening for a show called Metal School, and they always bring at least 800 people to the shows, it's usually pretty big and really fun. So we're doing that and then we're headlining a show at the ‘Whiskey a Go Go' on Saturday, November 10. So I've had the band on hold for a while, while I was working on Rock of Love and other projects. So we're kind of getting the band going again, we're doing shows and you know, see what happens.

And everyone obviously saw the band perform at the reunion show. And one of the other things at the reunion show, I'm just wondering, what was your reaction to the whole ordeal with Jes sort of dumping Bret?

You know it was frustrating for me because I kind of sensed all along that was going to happen. I just kept saying all along that Jes is not right for Bret. And that's a lot of the reason why I wasn't befriending Jes on the show because I knew she wasn't right for him. And when that happened I was like: ‘God, see. I knew it all along. Nobody believes me.' Everybody thought I was the enemy and she was the girl scout and it turns out that she really wasn't quite the girl scout that she made herself out to be. So it was frustrating because for me, I knew this all along, but at least I feel some vindication now that the truth has come out. We'll see what happens next.

You definitely did play up your sort of role as the villain and I think you probably almost enjoyed it a little bit and we've seen it on a lot of other reality shows where there's always that one person who plays that role.

Right. Yeah, absolutely. You know I definitely went into the show with a strategy and my strategy was to rile up all the other girls and expose their weaknesses so that you know, Brett could see: ‘Hey this really isn't the girl for me.' And you know I have too admit that I did take some sort of pleasure in that, as sick as that may sound. But at the end of the day, I felt like I was doing a good thing which was helping Brett out and trying as much as I can to keep him from a bad situation; which, unfortunately, I was unable to do completely because it didn't work out with Jes, which I knew that was going to happen, you know? But the bottom line is I really do care about Bret. I think he's a great guy. He's my friend. I want the best for him. And I knew that by being the villain, that would help me to share with him that ‘Hey, these girls are not right for you. This one might be.' That's the story.

There were sometimes when it sort of blew back, especially when the parents came, there was this huge ordeal. I'm wondering, how did your parents react after it was aired? And was that uncomfortable at all?

You know, it was while it was going down, but the great thing about my parents is that they're so supportive of me. They have, unconditional love. Heather kept telling them: ‘Oh, there's this side of Lacey that you don't know,' we'll that's not true. They know I'm a musician. They know I'm out on the road and that I'm not miss innocent. They know that I party and all this stuff. But of course when you're around your parents, you act more conservative. You're not going to be this wild, crazy party person in front of your mom and dad, you know? My dad respects the person I am and no matter what somebody says about me either to him or what have you, he is going to give me love and support and so he's had a really good attitude. When the show was over, I was like: ‘Oh dad you'd better not watch episode number eight. And you'd better not watch episode number 10 ...' and he's like: ‘You know what? Don't even worry about it. There's nothing you can do that's going to make me love you less or be disappointed in you. So don't even worry about it.' So he's been really cool.

Okay. And I guess my final question would be VH1 did announce there was going to be a second season of Rock of Love ...

Yes there is.

I'm just wondering if you would have any advice to any of the women out there who would want to go on this show and try to date Bret Michaels?

Oh goodness. You know, I think I've just got to say ... you've got to be real. If you have feelings for him, you've got to let them be known. A lot of the girls from Rock of Love like Magdalena or Mia ... I was like: ‘There's no way that they like Bret. They're just here for the party.' So, if you're just here for the party and the cameras, don't show up. That would be my advice.

Okay. Well thank you very much and I wish you the best of luck on the dog rescue, the band, and the mystery VH1 possible show.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
(Image courtesy of newdawnpetrescue.org)