Bret Michaels Talks About His Previous Love and His Return on 'Rock of Love'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Last night, Poison front man Bret Michaels returned for another run of Rock of Love, which promises to include even more mayhem and controversy as a new batch of women lay it all on the line for an opportunity to capture his heart.  Of course, viewers already know that things didn't work out between Michaels and his first season pick Jes Rickleff and now, he is back to find love and redeem himself of the humiliation of being dumped.

Michaels has guest starred last week on KTLA and during his interview, he sheds some light on his previous love and what's in store for the second season of Rock of Love.

Michaels struggled with his decision during the first season of Rock of Love as he was presented with 25 women to choose from, but in the finale, eventually opted for Jes instead of Heather Chadwell. Unfortunately, Jes rejected him during the reunion show after she proved she was not fit to handle his rock-star lifestyle

“There's nothing more embarrassing to be in your own reality show and being blown off in your own reality show, which is [an] amazing feeling,” Michaels said during his guest appearance on KTLA.

Although being dumped isn't really a huge let down for Michaels seeing that he is given another chance to look for his ideal match on Rock of Love 2, he admits that he made a mistake during the first season and takes full responsibility for it.

“As crazy as it is, you get emotionally attached… And last year in the end, I thought I made the right decision.  I thought Jes was beautiful…intelligent, sexy, smart, funny, but in the end, I'd probably should have picked Heather because we are still great friends,” Michaels revealed.  “I made the wrong decision.  I take full responsibility as much as that is hard for me to say.”

At present, Michaels is still in touch with some of the girls he met on the first season of Rock of Love.  In fact, some of them will be making appearances on the second season, including Heather, who is now her “wing woman.”

According to Michaels, the new season of Rock of Love will also include a talent show, a grease pig challenge, mud bowl, and baby-stroller roller derby, just to name a few.

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