Appearances by 'Rock of Love 2' Stars
Is one hour a week simply not enough of your Rock of Love 2 stars? Don't worry, it's a busy group and there will plenty of chances to catch up with some of them over the next few week, especially the man at the heart of the drama, Bret Michaels.

Bret was just featured on an episode of MTV's Cribs, and so if you missed its first airing today, be on the lookout for upcoming repeats on the network. It's not his first time on Cribs; Bret was already featured on the celebrity home showcase once before. In 2001, Cribs featured his 10-acre ranch in Los Angeles, CA.

For this episode, Bret took the Cribs crew and viewers to his new Arizona home. Bret's MySpace says, “The property which boasts 10 acres features a motor cross track, guest quarters, stunning city views and a main hallway long enough for the singer to ride his custom American Iron horse chopper in the house.”

If the Cribs appearance and weekly Rock of Love 2 episodes leave you still hungry for more Bret, you can still catch him at various venues across the country. His Valentine's Day show in St. Charles, MO is sold out, but after the show, he's making a personal appearance at the Ameristar Casino.

Later in February, he'll be in Poughkeepsie and Westbury, NY. In March, he'll be traveling the country, starting in Nashville, Tennessee on March 7, then heading up to the Midwest for dates in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. In April, he's out West for gigs in Arizona and California, and then back to Wisconsin for the end of that month. So if it sounds like you might be able to catch up with Bret in your area, you can find full details on his MySpace page.

As for the Rock of Love 2 girls, on Wednesday at 5pm Eastern, Daisy will be doing an interview with 99 Rock, which can be heard on their website at

Destiney will be partying in Scottsdale over SuperBowl weekend, and so will be hitting the town with Jessica, who lives there.

If, like me, you died a little inside when Angelique was kicked off this week, never fear! She's posted in her FamousVH1Friends profile that she will soon be starting a sex advice call in show. Whether or not radio is really the most ideal medium for someone who previously needed to be subtitled remains to be seen, but personally, I'm just glad we haven't said goodbye to Angelique entirely.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: MySpace, FamousVH1Friends
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