Ambre: Life After 'Rock of Love'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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A few days ago, we reported how Ambre Lake broke her silence to shed light on her amicable split with Bret Michaels, Poison frontman and star of the reality dating series Rock of Love.  Now, we bring you Ambre's life after Rock of Love and what's coming up on her career front.

With the announcement of Rock of Love 3, it seems that it's easier for Bret Michaels to heal his broken heart and move on as he will soon embark on yet another love quest.  This time it's called Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels where women vying for his affection will follow the rocker on a month-long tour across the country.  However, that doesn't mean that Ambre is just sulking with bitterness and animosity.  In fact, she's coping with the heartbreak by keeping herself busy as well.

“I've been surrounding myself with close friends and I'm visiting my family next week,” Lake told People.  “And working out is very therapeutic for me.”

Ambre was one of the hopefuls vying for the attention of Bret Michaels on Rock of Love season 2. In the end of the show's 14-episode run, she won over runner-up Daisy DeLaHoya.

Although a happy ending wasn't in the cards for Ambre and Bret, Ambre doesn't feel discouraged to find love once again, especially on the reality TV circuit.

“Reality TV gets such a bad rap. It changed my life forever and for the better.  I'll never be the same. The wonderful thing about being in this reality world is that it allowed me to focus on me and focus on what I want in a man.  Would I use this again to find love?  Absolutely,” she said.

Moving forward, Ambre does have a lot of things to look forward to in terms of her career and other projects.

"A lot of things.  Little projects, and I'm in a lot of talks.  My life was so involved with Rock of Love for so long that I'm transitioning to the next stage.  Stay tuned to my MySpace.  When I can disclose things, I will.  And I want to thank my fans for being so very supportive and wonderful during this.  It's a difficult time for Bret and I, but it's an exciting time as well.  I really appreciate the kind words and unwavering support,” she said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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