'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Surprise Elimination
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Surprise Elimination
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Monday has come again and Chef Gordon Ramsay has more in store for the remaining eight cheftestants on Hell's Kitchen. After waving goodbye to the indifferent Tiffany who had a problem cooking potatoes last week, it looks as if we're finally sifting through the drama for the next best chef to take on Ramsay's Steak at Paris in Las Vegas.

Kimmie can breathe a sigh of relief as Chef Ramsay welcomes Southern style night at Hell's Kitchen. Will the tables finally turn to the underdog's favor? Or will drama take over once again?

"One by one, they're dropping like flies and I'm still here," grins Barbie. While she celebrates Tiffany's leaving Hell's Kitchen, Kimmie is in a corner crying over losing her best friend. Another reason to start drama emerges.

The cheftestants enter into the dining room to find Chef Ramsay in front of a humongous map, showing where staple cooking ingredients are found in the U.S. Soon after, the map drops and reveals a large gospel choir. Kimmie is ecstatic.

The chefs have 30 minutes to reinvent a southern dish. Each choir member will hold up a sign with their name on it. Each cheftestant will call out a choir member's name and the member will reveal the ingredient they have selected and must cook with.

Here are the match-ups and their ingredients:

Barbie and Clemenza: Catfish and collard greens

Brian and Kimmie:
Pork chops and grits

Christina and Justin:
Fried chicken and mac and cheese

Dana and Robyn:
Meatloaf and sweet potatoes

"I have to shine on this challenge," urges Kimmie. "I HAVE to!" Seeing as how Brian can't even read the instructions on the box of grits, I think she'll do just fine.

Tanya Steel from Epicurious.com has been invited to help judge the dishes.

Barbie gives the Red Team a good start with the first point. Just as I expected. Kimmie cooks grits that Tanya could eat buckets of. On the other hand, Brian's pork chop is undercooked. Kimmie keeps Red on top, giving them 2 points. Justin's mac and cheese puts the Blue Team on the board. Finally, it comes down to Dana and Robyn. Another point for the Blue Team will force a tie breaker. So who wins?

Challenge Winner: The Red Team

Dana, who has the best dish of the challenge, will be featured on Epicurious.com. The Red Team will be treated with makeovers for a photo shoot before wining and dining at the Four Seasons. Meanwhile, the Blue Team must start preparation for BOTH kitchens by churning butter.

Southern Cuisine Dinner Service

"Kimmie!" yells Chef Ramsay. "If there's one person who should be absolutely keen to the success of the Red Team tonight, it should be you." Words of encouragement quickly turn to pressure as Kimmie looks to be struggling early on.

The Red Team makes a good start with perfectly cooked crab cakes from Dana. According to Brian in the Blue kitchen, he wants to show the oysters that he's "big daddy." It takes him two trips to the pass to have any service to the dining room.

Entrees in the Red Team has started up with Christina and Kimmie playing tag team. Unfortunately, Kimmie's catfish is burnt. This is the FIRST table. "You cannot cook, period," comments Barbie to cameras.

The Blue Team has the same problem with their fish. Ramsay asks Brian to taste it and tell him what it tastes like. "It tastes like fish," says Brian. Obviously, he gets tossed out of the kitchen. Thankfully for him, James catches him at the Hell's Kitchen door and tells him to fight. Ramsay allows it ... this time.

A casualty is escaped in the Red kitchen. Christina serves her fried chicken to the pass while Kimmie is behind. Hurrying up her order, she makes a mistake and the oil pops out of the pan and onto her face. She fights through it, though, and hands Chef Ramsay acceptable catfish.

There doesn't seem to be much hope in the Blue kitchen. Robyn gives Chef Ramsay raw chicken. If this isn't her last leg of the race, I will be greatly surprised. Feeling the pressure, the Blue Team begin arguing. It's a sad, sad sight.

As for the Red Team, they're moving well until Barbie sends unseasoned kale to the pass. This is still better than the Blue kitchen. Robyn serves up another raw chicken. Ramsay kicks them all out. "Just kick me out," pleads Robyn. "Don't tell me what to do, Missy," Ramsay answers. They're all out.

Did you think the Red Team won? Think again! Just when I figured the Red Team would push through, Kimmie delivers raw and overcooked catfish. He tosses them all out, throwing bits of the raw fish at Christina for her to catch and see for herself. Embarrassing!

Christina is frustrated. "It was supposed to be Kimmie's time to shine. I don't get it," she says. And what is Kimmie doing? She's crying!

Chef Scott tells the cheftestants to meet Chef Ramsay back downstairs. They don't even get out of the stairwell good before Ramsay meets them. He wants each of them to come up with one person from each team that they believe should leave tonight.

The Blue Team easily nominates Robyn, it seems. The Red Team, though, comes down to Dana. She would rather Kimmie be on her team, but voting for Barbie would put the votes at a deadlock. Make up your mind, Dana, and quick!


The Red Team nominates Kimmie for her failed fish. The Blue Team nominates Robyn for the raw chicken.

The former best friends step up to Chef Ramsay. To Robyn, Ramsay lends his best comment ever: "You didn't [expletive] the chicken, the chicken [expletive] you." With that said, it's still the hardest decision he's had to make so far.

Eliminated: Kimmie

What?! He tricked us! He calls Robyn's name and tells her to get back in line. Why is Robyn still here?!

Tomorrow on Hell's Kitchen, it's all about turning on your own team. Dana and Christina shut down on Barbie while Robyn finds herself facing off against the boys. Make sure you join me for more drama in the kitchen.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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