'Riverdale' Season 2 Spoilers: Bughead Will Be Tested, Veronica and Archie Will Tap Into Their Dark Sides and More
'Riverdale' Season 2 Spoilers: Bughead Will Be Tested, Veronica and Archie Will Tap Into Their Dark Sides and More
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The majority of the Riverdale cast took the stage at San Diego Comic Con's Ballroom 20 to discuss the next chapter of their nighttime soap. While there wasn't in the way of new footage, though a very dramatic teaser was shown of the first episode, a lot of hints were still dropped. According to the panel Riverdale fans will be in for even wilder, and longer, ride in season 2.  

The panel opened with a blooper reel and the aforementioned teaser. While the blooper is your typical goofy affair, the teaser of the season 2 premiere which is evidently titled "The Angel of Death" is very dark which is what you would expect given season 1's cliffhanger. Archie is seen dragging his father, Fred, into the hospital and Archie's jacket is covered in his dad's blood. Archie implies that he saw the identity of Fred's shooter and Jughead believes that it might have been a hit against Fred.

Fred Andrews won't be the only parent in the hospital however. There is also a very quick glimpse of Cheryl standing over her mother Penelope. Penelope is lying in a hospital bed, is wrapped up in bandages and looks, quite plainly, terrified of her daughter. 

During the main panel, the cast confirmed that Fred's fate will be determined at the end of season 2 premiere. There won't be any mystery there. If Fred does survive there will be a lot more chances to see him too. It was confirmed that Riverdale season 2 will be 22 episodes, nearly doubling the amount in the first season. 

This amount of episodes will allow Riverdale season 2 do to something they weren't able to do in season 1. The show explore the supporting character outside of the core four of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. In season 2 Kevin Keller will get a new love interest after mourning the loss of his relationship with Joaquin. The same will hold true for Josie who might be saddling up to the recasting Reggie. Josie and her Pussycats will be involved in more than just their romances however. Ashleigh Murray talked about how happy she is to play Josie as a proud woman of color, and her co-stars agreed.

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Meanwhile Archie will "flip the switch" after his father has been shot and there might be a much darker version of the character in season 2. Similarly Archie's girlfriend Veronica will tap into her bad girl side. Veronica's dangerous ex from New York will come to visit and he will bring out a unflattering side of Veronica. In addition, Veronica will find herself at odds with her returning father Hiriam. Veronica is not able to fully trust her father but she still wants to be involved with what her family is doing and planning. 

In the biggest news to come out of the panel, especially for fans of Betty and Jughead's relationship, is that a new student Toni Topaz will join the show in season 2. Topaz, who will be played Vanessa Morgan, is a bisexual student from Southside High who is described as a female Jughead. Toni will evidently cause some friction between Betty and Jughead's romance. The two will already be strained as Jughead will be physically removed from Betty and the gang at his new school. According Betty's actress, Lili Reinhart, "Bughead" will be tested in season 2. 

Other Panel Highlights:

- There will be many more musical moments in season 2
- Episode five of season 2 is all about the female friendships of the show and will see the girls banding together 
- The sexiest scene of season 2 is apparently one between Archie and Veronica in the season 2 premiere
- Lili Reinhart teased that if season 1 was the year of Dark Betty, season 2 is the year of "tortured soul Betty"
- Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl, said of her character's romantic future, "When your father is a wig-wearing monster, it's hard to find a love interest"

Are you excited for Riverdale season 2? What do you think of a dark Archie and a dark Veronica? Are you excited for new character Toni? Are you worried for Betty and Jughead? Are you looking forward to the extended episode order? 

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