'Ringer' Recap: Trust Issues
'Ringer' Recap: Trust Issues
On this week's episode of Ringer, the court case against Mr. C comes to a surprising end while Siobhan tries to stay one step ahead of Bridget who is getting closer to the truth with her new black man in shining armor.

Hot on the Trail

Bridget meets up yet again with Solomon, the mystery driver. She finds out that he used to be a member of the Army's Spec Ops division, which totally explains why he now works as a limo driver. He takes her to a secret office that Siobhan owned in Harlem. While Bridget clumsily searches around, Siobhan looks on menacingly from a closet with a gun in her hand. Bridget finds a street address and a key ring and heads back down to go to her next destination with Solomon.

Afterwards, Siobhan meets up with Henry and tells him that it was Bridget's idea to switch identities. Henry, not being the brightest guy in New York, fails to realize how ridiculous that is and simply goes along with it. Siobhan also says that Bridget and Charlie worked together to kidnap Gemma for money when things went wrong. Instead of getting justice for his dead wife, Henry follows Siobhan's advice to not tell the police until she gets Andrew in trouble in order to get money from a divorce. Good going, Henry.

Hard Questions

Andrew, Juliet, Catherine, and the family attorney are prepping for the trial against Mr. C. Juliet has trouble getting her facts straight but insists that it is only due to nerves. Andrew tells her that she is doing the right thing, which will come back to bite him in the ass later. Speaking of things from the past biting you in the ass, Olivia drops by Henry's place to drop off some nice Egyptian Cotton pajamas for his kids. She tells him that Tim, his wealthy father in law, should invest with Martin/Charles. Henry says no which prompts Olivia to show him pictures of his affair with Siobhan. I just want to know who took that photo in the first place, because it clearly wasn't taken by either party.

Bridget is still on her Seedy Tour of New York with Solomon when she is taking to a coffee shop. Solomon says that Siobhan would always play chess there, which actually makes sense. Bridget finds a chess table with a lock, but the key doesn't work. A waitress tells her that it is where people put their wishes on pieces of paper. It's just like the West Wall, only in Soho. Bridget pops the lock with a knife and finds Siobhan's wish which is about how she couldn't forgive Bridget.

Between the Sheets

Henry meets Tim at a bar and tells him that he needs to invest his money with Martin/Charles. The meeting seemingly goes well enough for Henry to celebrate later by getting "reacquainted" with Siobhan. After a couple minutes of snuggling, Siobhan goes to shower. Tyler tries to do a video call with her, but Henry answers. Tyler seems a little peeved that his baby mama appears to be banging some guy, so he leaves a message and goes. Henry brings up Tyler to Siobhan, but she says that he is only helping her destroy Andrew. I did notice here that Henry was still wearing his wedding ring while doing it with Siobhan. Isn't that how haunted houses start?

Juliet has a busy day of court ahead of her, but a pep talk with Bridget helps her get ready. After the testimony, Juliet goes to the bathroom to freshen up and is confronted by Tessa. Tessa confesses that she made up the charges against Mr. C because she was jealous of Juliet. Tessa storms off and Juliet gives chase after her. One of the stall doors open and we see that Juliet's other friend who isn't important enough to have her name remembered heard the whole conversation. Uh oh.

Case Closed

The lawyer tells Andrew that the case is over after it is found out what Tessa said. Not only is the case over, but Mr. C is suing Andrew for defamation of character. Talk about a double whammy. Catherine tells Henry to settle, but Andrew disagrees. While this is happening, Bridget is back out on the town with Solomon. This time she is taken to a gun club where she tries opening lockers with the key. None of the locker open, but she does find a picture of Charlie hanging on the wall. She tries to call Malcolm who, Big surprise, doesn't answer. It looks like Bridget is starting to put the pieces together about Siobhan's involvement.

Speaking of Siobhan, she has a call with Tyler and tells him that Henry is her brother, not her lover. Makes sense. I know that if I had a sister I would have her computer next to my bed while I'm wearing my favorite post-sex robe. To drive the point home, Siobhan uses her pregnancy to get Tyler to cooperate. Future great mom in the making!

Trust Restored

A lot happened in the last 10 minutes of the episode, so I'll try not to leave anything out. Andrew decides to settle out of court with Mr. C because his daughter finally seems happy. It looks like the family will finally start to become normal. Henry has Olivia and Tim meet about Tim's investment and he agrees to start putting his money with Martin/Charles, which makes things a little more difficult for Siobhan who is trying to prove that her husband's firm has no money. Siobhan also steals the key from her old apartment only to be confronted by Andrew. Instead of making up a story and leaving without at race, Siobhan awkwardly slunks out of the apartment leaving Andrew confused.

it turns out that the key belongs to a safety deposit box which contains a tape which causes Henry to say "OMG!" upon hearing it in one of the worst acted parts of the episode. But the big shocker was when Tessa, and Juliet decide to have a party together to let of some stress from the trial. That's when Mr. C appears to creepily celebrate with them. It turns out that the whole thing was a con and that they are going to split the millions of dollars of settlement money, thus giving Juliet her trust fund back.

What a jam packed episode. It looks like next week the confrontation between the twins finally happens. Ringer has picked up any lost momentum from their mid season break and keeps on making me yell "WHHAAAAATTT?!?!" at the TV, so I guess mission accomplished.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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