'Ringer' Recap: Domestic Terror
'Ringer' Recap: Domestic Terror
Everyone has heard the old proverb, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Well, Bridget is going to learn how close some of her enemies are on this week's episode of Ringer. We also learn the important lesson that crazy people should be kept in a hospital, and not allowed to sleep in the room down the hall.

Failed Attempt

Andrew gets a call from Bridget and tells her about how he pulled off his con over Catherine. Bridget kills his joy when she tells him that she was once again targeted by a hit man. I hope that I never have to tell someone that ANOTHER hitman tried to kill me. Andrew goes to leave and pick her up when he finds Catherine in Juliet's room. She says that she wanted to apologize to Juliet for being an all-around horrible person and soon passes out from slashing her wrists. At the hospital, Juliet tells Catherine that they aren't going to fall for her lowest con of faking a suicide attempt, but then overhears her doctor tells Andrew that this was a true attempt to kill herself.

Back at the police station, Henry is once again being questioned about Tyler's murder. He is still claiming innocence, but soon learns that the maid he spoke to about letting him into Tyler's room is acting as a witness against him. This is the worst thing to happen to a rich white man at the hands of a maid since the Dominic Strauss-Kahn fiasco a few months ago. Henry is then processed and arrested for the murder of Tyler.

Family Issues

Henry gets out of jail on bail and comes home to find Siobhan alone at his house. He asks where his kids are, and is told that CPS have taken them from his custody. Henry gets upset, but let's face it, they should've been taken from him shortly after Gemma died due to his neglect and constant scheming. He finds out that it was Tim who called CPS, and leaves to confront him about it. Siobhan runs an errand of her own by bribing the maid that is acting as the witness against Henry. I'm sure both of these things will end well.

Back in the Martin's penthouse, Juliet tells Andrew and Bridget that she is concerned about Catherine and blames herself. Andrew then tells Bridget about Catherine's previous suicide attempt shortly after the divorce and comes clean about their recent kiss while negotiating the sale of the Palm Springs property. Surprisingly, Bridget is not fazed by either news. I guess being in constant fear for your life puts things in perspective.

Another Enemy

Henry goes to talk to Tim and find out why he had his kids taken from him. Tim explains that it took very little effort to figure out how Henry got his hands on the flash drive and find out that Henry is behind Tyler's death. He also drops the truth bomb that he had a private eye follow him for the past year and that he knows about his affair with Siobhan. After he found out about that, he has made it his mission in life to destroy Henry It can't be too hard to do that. Meanwhile, Bridget is called into the police station and confronted about the bribe given to the maid. Bridget is confused because she has no idea that Henry was arrested for the murder, and it looks like Siobhan's gamble also failed spectacularly. Henry goes home and tells Siobhan that the maid never accepted the bribe and that she is an idiot.

Victor is still busy finding out more about the Tarot cards and the dry cleaner's, so he talks to Remy Asherman. I know that that is a fake alias, because Remy also lives in New Mexico and goes by the name Mike as a bodyguard for a well known meth dealer. Victor gets nowhere in his search for who hired the hit against Siobhan.

New Roomie

Juliet visits Catherine in the hospital and soon feels sorry for her again. She tells Andrew that she should live with them while she finds an apartment and has a nurse live with her instead of being institutionalized. Somehow, Andrew is conflicted on what the right thing to do is. While he is thinking things over, Bridget goes to visit Henry about being called in to the police station about the bribe. Henry is not home, but Siobhan is. Bridget goes inside and is almost hit in the head by Siobhan when Henry comes home and distracts Bridget while Siobhan hides. He tries to explain everything to her, but Bridget, like Tim, easily figures out that Henry is the one who killed Tyler.

Victor goes to the home of Barton, the man hired to kill Siobhan, and breaks in to look around. He finds a secret door in the basement which has the picture used to find Siobhan. He also finds a dead body in the freezer. The next day, Victor talks to Bridget and learns the man in the freezer is the person who Bridget killed on the first attempt of her life.

Just Say No

Bridget goes on to explain the whole storyline of the dead hitman that disappeared and the phone that Barton tried to get from her to Victor. Victor says that the person who now has the missing phone is the person behind the assassination attempt. Catherine, who is now living with the Martin's, is cunningly listening in on the conversation around the corner. Victor leaves and Catherine invites Bridget to join her for a nice cup of tea. This is already bad news. Andrew is receiving a bit of good news when Tim visits him with the flash drive and says that he isn't going to expose Martin/Charles, but will instead save it.

Victor goes back to his hotel and gets an email about fingerprints found on the picture of Siobhan found at Barton's house. It is a match with Catherine, and Victor frantically tries to warn Bridget. It is too late, and Bridget finishes her tea with Catherine, which is heavily drugged. Bridget tries to leave, and finds the missing phone in Catherine's purse. She finally figures out that Catherine is trying to kill her, but it is too late.

It looks like we get to see Catherine go full tilt crazy on next week's episode, which I didn't think was possible. Hopefully this will be a lesson to Juliet that you never trust a crazy person, and that they should remain in a controlled atmosphere with professional care.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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