[Video] 'Revolution' Spring Spoilers: Explosions and Deaths Keep Coming
[Video] 'Revolution' Spring Spoilers: Explosions and Deaths Keep Coming
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
At WonderCon this past weekend, NBC showed an incredible, spoiler-filled Revolution sizzle reel during the show's panel. The explosions and deaths keep on coming, but it gets much worse than that. People from both sides are captured and tortured for information and while all the fighting is going on, the quest for power continues.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Revolution spoilers and clips. Proceed at your own risk.

Check out the intense video preview which includes some footage from the last two episodes, as well as, from future episodes. And, there's even some surprise humor.

"Power is Everything" Video from WonderCon

Highlights and spoilers from future episodes:

  • Monroe gets his helicopters back and leaves the comfort and safety of his compound. Where is he going?
  • Charlie has turned into a fighter and killing machine, right along side Miles and Nora.
  • Charlie gets attacked and is almost killed. Miles comes to her rescue and obliterates her attacker with his sword. Lesson: Don't mess with Miles Matheson.
  • "Incoming" -- Nora. The rebel compound is attacked with missiles or bombs of a highly destructive nature.
  • "Help Me." -- Nora
    "Nora! Nora!" -- Miles
  • Nora is captured and brought to Monroe. He says, "Nora, what a pleasure to see you again."
  • After covering a dead body, Miles says, "If this is how Monroe wants to fight, he has no idea what he's in for." 
  • Neville is captured by the rebels, interrogated, and tortured by Miles.
  • "You think I want to be doing this, Charlie? This is war!" -- Miles
    "I get what war is and there are a lot of things I'm willing to do to win, but not this." -- Charlie
    "Well, there is nothing that Monroe won't do! Nothing!" -- Miles
  • Nora is tied standing up with her hands above her head. 
  • Jason smacks Miles across the face and tells him, "That's for what you did to my mom."
    To which Miles replies, "I will bash your little boy band face in." and walks away.
    Jason then turns to Charlie and asks "What's a boy band?"
    A little humor towards the end of an overly intense trailer.
  • Rachel is determined to turn the power back on for everybody. Charlie wants to go with her, but Rachel says, "Charlie, I'm not coming back."
  • Charlie raises an alarm by tolling the bell. The reason is unclear since the footage that follows is not in response to her alarm.
  • Miles and Rachel kiss! What is their history together? And, now? 
  • Miles is a master with a sword.
Wow. There are quite a few big surprises coming up in the rest of this season. With Neville captured by the rebels, will Jason try and protect his father? And, will Nora be able to survive Monroe's torture?

The biggest shocker is that Miles and Rachel kiss! During the spring premiere, it was evident that they had a very personal relationship in the past, but what about Ben? Did Miles and Rachel have an affair? 

After being raised in an isolated community free from threats, Charlie has quickly become an ass-kicker. She's as good with her bow as Miles is with his sword and that's saying a lot.

Did this trailer make you more excited about the rest of the season? What surprised you the most? What are you most intrigued to see how it plays out?

Revolution airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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(Image and video courtesy of the CW.)