'Revolution' Fall Finale Preview 'Nobody's Fault But Mine': Will the Reunions Be Happy?
'Revolution' Fall Finale Preview 'Nobody's Fault But Mine': Will the Reunions Be Happy?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's difficult to believe it, but the Revolution fall finale has arrived. Charlie, Miles, Nora, and Aaron finally make it to Philadelphia to rescue Danny in "Nobody's Fault But Mine." Will the Matheson family be reunited? And, what will happen when former best friends and current foes Miles and Monroe meet face to face once again? With all the personal drama that is sure to ensue, the real threat comes from the re-emergence of power. If Rachel builds the amplifier, a power shift will occur and a new revolution will be launched.

"Nobody's Fault But Mine" is a rather scary title. What is going to happen? From the preview, it looks to be a thriller of a final hour before the long four month hiatus.

NBC has released a "Relive the Revolution" video that takes a look at the season so far and previews the finale, which Executive Producer Eric Kripke teases, "It changes everything you thought you knew about Revolution."

Highlights for tonight's fall finale (last 30 seconds of video):

  • Miles holds his sword to Julia Neville's throat and offers Tom a trade: "My family for your wife."
  • Charlie and Danny reunite. Aww!
  • Miles and Monroe sword fight.
  • Monroe makes Miles an offer: "Come back, I'll let your family live." Wow. Monroe seems to really want his friend back.
  • Miles has a rifle drawn on Monroe, but starts to lower it. 
  • There's an explosion that knocks two people down.
  • The pendant turns on a device. Is it an amplifier?
  • Will the Monroe be able to use his helicopters now? That would give him a new threat and means to control the population and attack the other Republics.
I was surprised by Monroe's reaction in the trailer. Of course, it could be misleading, but he genuinely seems to miss his friend, Miles. Is it possible that they could work together again to lead the militia? So far, we have been lead to believe that Monroe is a ruthless leader, could Miles tame the beast?

While Revolution has revealed quite a bit about this new world order and the people involved, there is so much that we still don't know. It looks like many of these questions will be answered in "Nobody's Fault But Mine."

The Revolution fall finale airs tonight, Monday, November 26 at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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(Image and video courtesy of NBC.)