'Revolution' Recap: Who Will Be Joining Ben in the Afterlife?
'Revolution' Recap: Who Will Be Joining Ben in the Afterlife?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week, Team Charlie bonded with some rebel fighters and had fun with explosives, but this week they have resumed their search for Danny (Graham Rogers). Sadly, this episode marks the end for one character.

Family Ties

Miles (Billy Burke) confesses to Nora (Daniella Alonso) that he plans on leaving the group. He thinks they will all be better off without him, but Nora calls him out on running away before he can get attached. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) overhears their conversation and is not pleased at the prospect of Miles' departure. Luckily -- or maybe unluckily from Charlie's POV -- Charlie gets kidnapped by a man pursuing the group for killing one of his attack dogs, and that puts Miles in protective mode. Once Charlie is safe, Miles promises he will stay.

The developing dynamic between Miles and Charlie is one of the show's biggest draws, but I hope Miles is sincere about not leaving Charlie, even "for her own good," as his wavering on that front is rather annoying. Miles has seemingly been on his own for a while and is not used to anyone slowing him down or needing his protection, so he acts like he resents the others for that. But it is obvious he already cares about Charlie enough to risk his own life 10 times over, so I'd say his days of not being attached are over, whether he admits it or not.

A Creepy, Helpful Stalker

Not-Nate -- apparently "Nate" is the token name for any guy pretending to be someone else, as fans of Pretty Little Liars can attest -- has caught up with Team Charlie, but Miles notices his attempt at secret tracking. Miles confronts not-Nate, and they decide to take him hostage in case he knows anything useful about where Danny is being held. Later, Miles and not-Nate work together to save Charlie's life. This might earn not-Nate some points with the others, but I hope they keep him at a distance until they can be sure he is not going to betray them.

Maggie, My Love!

Much to my delight, we get more of Maggie's back-story in tonight's episode. We learn that Maggie spent years, post-blackout, searching for a single boat to take her home to her children, but she never found one. We hear her say that she eventually gave up and accepted that her children were probably dead. But then she met Ben and his kids, and they gave her a reason to live again. Maggie tells Miles that Ben and the kids saved her life and maybe Charlie can do the same for him.

Unfortunately, all of this back-story is a giant warning sign that Maggie is not long for this world, as the promos told us that one of these characters would not survive the episode. Sure enough, Maggie gets stabbed by the man with the attack dogs, and the knife hits an artery. Maggie's fate is all but sealed as she and Charlie finally start to bond and admit that they need one another.

Though they patch her up as best as they can, Maggie has lost too much blood, and she has one final memory of her children before she dies. And I curse her and her fabulous accent for making me care so much. I will miss you, Maggie. You and your poisoned whiskey.

Hit You Where It Hurts

After being MIA in last week's episode, we see that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) is still Monroe's (David Lyons) captive. Monroe and Rachel have clearly been playing the question game for quite some time, and they are both getting tired of it. After a round of torture via one of his henchman, Monroe decides to change things up. He wonders how long Rachel will hold out when he start torturing her son right in front of her.

Thanks to flashbacks, we know Rachel loves her children. She seemingly turned herself in to the militia (via Miles) in order to protect her family, and she has killed for them once before. But Rachel has also proven that she is a pretty tough cookie, so I would advise Monroe not to get his hopes up that this new interrogation method will get him the results he wants.

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