'Revolution' Video Sneak Peek: Watch the First 8 Action-Packed Minutes of 'The Stand'
'Revolution' Video Sneak Peek: Watch the First 8 Action-Packed Minutes of 'The Stand'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The return of Revolution is less than a week away. After a much too long hiatus, the show returns right were it left off as if the winter never happened. Miles and crew escaped from Monroe's Philadelphia headquarters, but not before Rachel gave Monroe the most dangerous weapon possible -- an amplifier.

Will Monroe's helicopter take them all out? That's unlikely since that would basically destroy the show, but Maggie's death proved that anyone could be killed at any time.

Check out the first 8 minutes of Revolution's spring premiere, "The Stand."

Highlights from the first 8 minutes:

  • The gang dodge the helicopter's bullets, but could have easily have been killed in the explosion of the diner. They survive by hiding in the diner's large, metal freezer. Smart move!
  • Neville reports that no bodies were found in the diner. Monroe blames Neville for letting Miles escape in the first place. 
  • Monroe is power hungry, both in wanting control over the people and lands, but for electricity.
  • "We have light, power, we have everything. It's time to let everyone know." -- Monroe
  • Monroe wants to kill all the rebels within his republic and then conquer the other territories.
  • "And, Neville, if you do find Miles and he's alive, kill him." -- Monroe
  • Nora and Charlie smuggle the guys out of Philadelphia in coffins. It got tense there for a moment at the checkpoint.
  • With a moment of peace, Danny hugs his mother and Charlie for a touching reunion.
  • Nora kisses Miles with an intriguing reaction by both Rachel and Miles. Rachel looks away, while Miles as a look of discomfort over the situation. Did Miles have a romantic relationship with his sister-in-law?
  • Aaron questions Rachel about her secret life. She's not a housewife, alive, knows about the necklaces, and how the power went out. He wants an explanation and so does Charlie.
  • A helicopter flies over the group towards the rebel camp in Westchester and indiscriminately executes all of the people there.
Wow. Monroe will stop at nothing to gain control. Lives mean nothing to him. How will the group compete against Monroe with his helicopters and high power weapons?

For the answer, check out the official photos from "The Stand": Revolution Episode 11 Photos: Power and High Caliber Weapons Return on 'The Stand'>>>

Revolution returns on Monday, March 25 at 10 pm ET on NBC

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(Image and video courtesy of NBC.)