'Revolution' Spring Preview: The Militia and Rebels Go to War
'Revolution' Spring Preview: The Militia and Rebels Go to War
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Even though Revolution doesn't return until March, NBC has released an intense and revealing trailer that covers where the show has been and what is coming up this spring. The focus will shift from reuniting the Matheson family to a full out revolution. Now that Bass Monroe has power he will be even more formidable than before.

Not only does Monroe want strict control over his Republic, he seeks revenge against his former friend, Miles, for betraying him. Monroe's pain permeated across his face when Miles disavowed him as family and chose the Mathesons instead. As horrific as Monroe has been, it was difficult to not feel his pain at being discarded.

Now, the much larger Matheson family, including Aaron and Nora, must face down Monroe's armed helicopter. Will they all make it away with their lives?

Spoiler alert: This preview contains some Revolution spoilers for its spring return.

Check out the preview to see what's next for Revolution!

Tidbits from the new footage in the trailer:

  • "I made mistake. I need to fix it. I need your help." -- Rachel
  • Monroe's helicopter vs. Miles and his rocket launcher!
  • Conflict between Monroe supporter, Neville, and his son, Jason (Nate). 
  • "With those choppers, we are not fighting. We are butchering." -- Jason Neville
  • The choppers attack. Who was hit? Killed? Charlie, Nora, Aaron and Rachel are unscathed, but not everyone looks to be as lucky.
  • Miles and Nora kiss!
  • Jason beats up his father!
  • Jason goes to Charlie. To fight with the rebels? Charlie doesn't trust him.
  • The rebels are fortified with guns to face down the helicopter.
  • "Monroe has power, let's get some of our own." -- Rachel
The quest to reunite with Danny was easy compared to what they face now. With the help of other rebels will they be able to over Monroe and his military might? The rocket launcher that Miles has and the move from bow to guns is sure to help.

Will they be able to get their own power source as Rachel suggests?

The Revolution begins on Monday March 25 at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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