'Revolution' Recap: Will Neville and Miles Work Together or Kill Each Other?
'Revolution' Recap: Will Neville and Miles Work Together or Kill Each Other?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week on Revolution, Monroe's actions led to the death of Miles' first love and we learned that Neville is working with the Georgia Federation. In tonight's sixteenth episode, "The Love Boat," Miles and Neville forge a tentative partnership and Rachel and Aaron run into more trouble on their trek to The Tower. Read on to find out what the Revolution writers have in store for us this week.

How Far is too Far?

President Foster sends Neville -- and more Georgia Federation soldiers -- to work with Miles and the rebels. Needless to say, Miles is not happy at the prospect but when he learns that Monroe is weaponnizing anthrax, Miles realizes he has no choice in the matter. Neville helps Miles, Charlie, Jason and Nora kidnap Dr. Camp, the only man capable of creating the anthrax.

Unbeknownst to Charlie and Nora, they also kidnap Camp's family and intend to use them to threaten Camp into creating the anthrax and other dangerous weapons for the Georgia Federation. Once Charlie and Nora learn of this second kidnapping, they realize Miles is about to cross a line and they work with Jason to free Camp and his family. This does not go over well with Miles or Neville.

Neville does his best to stop Team Charlie's 'free the family' misssion but once Miles gets involved, Neville does not stand a chance. Team Charlie succeeds in getting Camp and his family to safety and Neville returns to the rebel base in a rage. Neville threatens to take the Georgia Federation resources away from the rebels due to their betrayal but Miles calls his bluff, knowing that Foster cannot defeat Monroe without him.

Relationship Developments

Neville's involvement with the Georgia Federation brings him face-to-face with Jason yet again and gives Neville another chance to express his disappointment at his son's 'traitorous' ways. Neville blames Jason for their family's exile from the Monroe Republic but Jason knows that Neville does not care who he works for as long as he gets the power and respect he thinks he is entitled to.

While the tension between Neville and Jason is getting worse by the day, Miles and Nora make some strides in rebuilding their relationship. After Miles helps get the Camp family to safety and proves that he is not as bad as he claims to be, Nora decides to stick around and the two engage in some much-needed extracurricular activities. I do not know if the Miles-Nora romance will last for long -- given their history and Miles' connection to Rachel, I doubt it -- but I will take what I can get.

Page 74

Rachel and Aaron are still heading for The Tower but their journey is taking a toll and they have not eaten in days. They are desperate enough to steal food from a small camp but they are forced to flee when men from the camp come after them.

In their escape attempt, Rachel falls and injures her leg. With the damage to her leg, Rachel cannot keep moving but when she tries to get Aaron to leave her behind, he refuses. Thanks to some creativity, Rachel and Aaron take care of the two men who are still pursuing them.

Though the immediate threat is over, Rachel insists that Aaron must continue on to The Tower and shows him a page from Jane's journal that features a newspaper clipping of Aaron. Why is Aaron so vital to this mission? Why did Jane not mention this when he and Rachel showed up on her door-step? And is Aaron's tie to The Tower the reason Ben gave him the pendant in the first place?

Grace and The Tower

In the final moments of tonight's episode, we get another glimpse of Grace as she finally gets the elevator up and working at The Tower. Randall's man seems pleased by this development and decides to go down to the ominous Level 12, despite Grace's warning that Randall would not like that. But the man never gets to Level 12, as the elevator stops at Level 7 and something or someone attacks him. Who or what attacked Randall's man and will his down-fall give Grace a change to get away?

What did you think of tonight's episode of Revolution? Do you think Charlie and co. did the right thing in releasing Camp and his family? Do you think Miles and Neville make a good team? Do you have any theories on Aaron's connection to The Tower? And was I the only one who got major smoke-monster vibes from that last scene? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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