'Revolution' Recap: Origins of the Blackout Revealed
'Revolution' Recap: Origins of the Blackout Revealed
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Danny (Graham Rogers) came face-to-face with his mother while Team Charlie took drastic measures to save Nora's (Daniella Alonso) life. In tonight's episode, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) goes to extremes on a new rescue mission.


Charlie's group stumbles upon a community of kids living on their own. The kids are missing a member, Peter, who has been taken by the militia. Charlie says her group will go after Peter and Miles surprisingly supports that decision. But in order to save Peter, Charlie has to go undercover in a conscription facility, also known as a place where kids are turned into militia soldiers.

As with all of their plans, this one does not go well and Charlie has to be rescued along with Peter. In the end, Miles (Billy Burke) and Nora save the day and everyone is brought back safely.

Who is Randall?

While she reluctantly cooperates with Monroe in the present, Rachel's (Elizabeth Mitchell) flashbacks give viewers some insight into her role in the blackout. Apparently, the Matheson's and their partners -- one of whom is the infamous Grace, who disappeared earlier this season -- were working on a device to generate electricity but the results of their efforts accomplished the opposite by stopping power completely.

Ben shows their tech to a D.O.D. big-shot and he is so interested, he offers the Mathesons a government contract. But Rachel is not impressed with this idea and wonders what would happen if someone used their tech as a weapon. However, Rachel has a change of heart later on when the D.O.D man offers her an experimental treatment that could save her baby's life, presumably in exchange for Rachel signing the contract. The very same D.O.D. guy is also revealed as Randall, the man who kidnapped Grace in episode 2.

By now, we have seen several examples of how far Rachel will go in order to protect her children. In fact, the writers are being a bit heavy-handed when it comes to getting that point across and it makes me wonder why. Will Rachel do something unspeakable to keep her kids safe? Or is this a misdirect so the audience will be surprised by Rachel's actions later on? And was this Randall guy really with the government or did he go rouge shortly before the blackout?

The Truth Comes Out

At one point, Miles notices the necklace Aaron (Zak Orth) carries and Aaron's behavior makes Miles suspicious. When there is a momentary surge of power from a near-by lighthouse, Miles traces it back to Aaron and Aaron reveals the magical pendant. Miles wants to destroy the pendant before Monroe can get his hands on it but Aaron disagrees. Charlie interrupts their conversation and Aaron finally clues her in on everything Ben told Aaron before his death.

Is Miles right to want the pendant destroyed? Will Rachel and Danny be able to escape Monroe's clutches? And just how will Charlie feel when she learns that her parents may have been partly responsible for the apocalypse? Let us know your thoughts on tonight's episode in the comments section.

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