'Revolution' Recap: Nora Chooses Team Charlie, Monroe Gets What He Wants
'Revolution' Recap: Nora Chooses Team Charlie, Monroe Gets What He Wants
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Miles (Billy Burke) finally learned about the magical pendant and we got another glimpse of the mysterious Grace. In tonight's episode, "Ties That Bind", Nora (Daniella Alonso) is reunited with a family member and Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) fights for his son.


The episode begins with Team Charlie trying to cross a bridge that's crawling with militia soldiers. Things go a little too well and Miles realizes it is a set-up. Luckily, Miles and the others escape but the man in charge wants to make a deal with Nora. If she hands over Miles and the magic pendant, he will release his hostage, Nora's sister Mia. Nora refuses to play along and the group stages a successful rescue mission for Mia. As the group prepares to head out again, Mia asks Nora to leave with her. At first, Nora refuses but after a chat with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Nora decides to go be with her family.

But before long, Nora realizes that Mia made a deal with the man in charge, Strausser. Mia hands over the pendant and tells Strausser where he can find the others. Nora is horrified by her sister's actions and abandons Mia to go back and save her friends. Nora manages to rescue the others from Strausser and Team Charlie remains in-tact. However, there might be some new tension in the ranks after that 'goodbye' kiss Nora planted on Miles. Will those two ever get their timing right?

The storyline with Nora's sister has a lot of parallels to Charlie's search for Danny and I really loved the moment when Charlie told Nora it was okay to put her family first. Nora's decision to leave her sister behind in order to save her friends is all the more powerful because the flashbacks in tonight's episode show us just how strong their sisterly bond is. But Mia survived so there is always the chance they could reunite somewhere down the line.


Neville also has an interesting decision to make in tonight's episode. With his son's fate on the line, Neville sells out a fellow soldier and secures his son's safety, at least for the moment. Neville's wife Julia plays a big part in Neville's actions tonight and the two seem like a good match, both willing to sacrifice others for the good of their family.

But Julia takes things a bit further and starts talking to Neville about their future. She says that Monroe has not been the same since Miles left and that he is no longer fit to lead. Julia suggests that Neville is the leader they all need and Neville seems to ponder this idea.

After 8 episodes, we all know that Neville has a seemingly endless thirst for power but will that be enough to make him betray General Monroe? Or will the unstable Monroe threaten Neville's family again, thus making Neville's decision for him?

The Magical Pendant

Though Nora rescues her friends from Strausser's clutches, they do not recover the pendant and Strausser turns it over to Monroe. Monroe then takes said pendant to Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and says that she has everything she needs to complete her project.

Meanwhile, Randall-the-kidnapper tells Grace that he believes Monroe has one of the pendants and he thinks Grace needs to do something about that.

Will Grace head to Philadelphia to retrieve the pendant? Will Rachel finish her project and hand ultimate power over to the Monroe Republic? And what will happen when Monroe and Miles finally come face-to-face? Hopefully we will find out in next week's brand new episode of Revolution.

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