'Revolution' Recap: My Way or the Col. Mustard Way
'Revolution' Recap: My Way or the Col. Mustard Way
Bill King
Bill King
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One week after we spent an hour watching Charlie and Miles regain their optimistic outlooks on life, it's time to put those new goals into practice. Only without Charlie, really, because she's barely seen in the latest episode of Revolution.

"Tomorrowland" is more about the always fractured relationship between Miles and Monroe, and it sets the stage for whatever will happen in the season two finale, because frankly, I'm not even sure what it matters. The entire season has been devoted to stopping the Patriots, but at the end of the day, they're hardly relevant when it compares to the interpersonal relationships of people who don't mean a whole heck of a lot in the grand scheme of things, at least not yet.

Miles and Rachel in particular should be more significant, because in his words, "You ended the world, and I put a nail in the coffin." If those aren't the people who owe the rest of us something, I'm not sure who is. Even in the face of progress, at least we always have a strange combination of morality and nano Priscilla to keep us on edge.

Side Story Out the Way

Let's get the side plot over with first, because it's not going to play a huge role until coming weeks. Nano Priscilla has promised Aaron that he'll get his ex-wife back when the nanites are done learning human behavior through her, but there's way too much to cover before they take a cue from Skynet. 

They must have access to classic movies, because by the end, they correctly determine that human behavior is the problem, and while it would deny freedom, protecting us from ourselves is probably the most effective maneuver. Yeah, let's see how that works out. Anytime Priscilla is mentioned going forward, it all goes back to this point.

Truman Grows a Pair

Ed Truman has been the weakest link so far, but when faced with his own mortality, he suddenly has balls. And, in a face-to-face meeting with the president, he points the finger squarely at the commander in chief. Despite wiping fresh blood off his lapel from the last guy who crossed him and being pissed that California and Texas aren't at war, the Patriots' top dog pays attention when Truman tells him things would have been great had he just butted the hell out. 

For his straightforwardness, Truman earns a trip back to Willoughby, complete with weapons of mass destruction. And thankfully, a scout has located the rebel camp. And he's determined that Tom Neville's offerings are no longer needed.

The Mustard Gas of Love

Miles, recently found by Charlie after burning and climbing his way out of a death pit, is desperately trying to explain the guitar pick of redemption to Rachel when a ton of birds fly overhead, all in the same direction. Priscilla immediately advises Aaron to run because he is slower than everyone else, and all it really means is that the patriots are now using chemical weapons.

At least 20 people die from mustard gas exposure or gunshot wounds from gas mask-wearing gunmen, but no one important perishes. All the main characters hide in a train car or something of that nature, and despite a patriot firing multiple bullets into the box, they just cover the holes with their hands to prevent the toxin from seeping in. 

Priscilla, meanwhile, calmly walks over the corpses, backing up her forming belief that humans don't know what's best for them. When the gang gets out of the train car, they all want to know how Priscilla survived. 

Connect Four

Men and munitions down, Monroe is determined to fight chemical fire with chemical fire. He wants to take the gas fight to the patriots, stealing canisters to repay the rebel losses. Despite Rachel's objections, submission to Monroe and vow that she and Miles are done, he joins Monroe, Connor and the Las Vegas militia leader in a quest for retribution. Later, Miles accuses Monroe of chasing a dynasty, and while the former Monroe Republic leader doesn't deny his aspirations, he assures that he has learned from his mistakes, but he can't do it on his own.

Connor and Vegas dude bicker over the point of their mission, so Connor cold cocks him in the throat and demands respect while holding a flaming stick, turning more and more into the apple of his daddy's eye every day. Patriots with more mustard gas descend on them, but Miles and Monroe interfere, kill the pats and steal the chemical weapons.

They bring them back to home base, where Miles lures the parties outside with whiskey and then locks the door. While Monroe screams in protest, Rachel and Miles neutralize the mustard gas and command authority. Miles puts his foot down with Monroe and demands that if they are to go forward together, they're doing it his way. 

Marion's Suspicion

Ever since ex-boyfriend Dr. Gene and Miles showed up in her house, bar-owner and Truman-betrothed Marion has been wary of the patriots. Sure, she ratted out the good guys after she thought they butchered the children of Willoughby (which they did), but when she spies Truman rifling through her drawers, she starts to get suspicious. Under his clothes, she finds a gas mask and a file of proof. 

Gene finds her at her husband's grave, as per a usual Sunday, and he politely asks that she sit down for a talk. She refuses until Charlie cocks her shotgun, which is always convincing. They show her the vat of disintegrating gas, and she recognizes the yellow cross symbol and informs them that 100 tons of the substance are on their into town. She is now officially on their side. 

Tom Neville's Revenge

Major Tom is off riding horseback, looking for Monroe, when Truman's man Shaw stumbles upon him. He pretends to be looking for a progress report, but he quickly makes his murderous intentions known. Thankfully, Tom has a bear trap carved out in the floor that tears Shaw's leg to shreds. 

Tom repeatedly steps on the leg wound while asking for information about his wife and Truman, and he most likely incorrectly deduces that Julia is already dead or about to be. It's an easy assumption to make having just lost his son and likely everything he's ever cared about, but it doesn't bode well for Shaw. 

Tom fires the fatal shots through a pillow, which seems like a waste of a comfy headrest in the middle of nowhere. And it doesn't muffle the sound at all.

Dad and Son Versus the World (And Tom)

Monroe, very upset over the way things have transpired, decides to jump ship with his son, believing he can do all this on his own. And Rachel and the newly-superior Miles are too busy making out to notice, especially after he explains how she, Charlie and the guitar pick of redemption pulled him from that hole. 

Miles says that if Monroe and Connor come back, they come back. If not, so be it. After all, he's only the best fighter they have in this war they seemingly don't care about actually winning. As long as he gets to bang his dead brother's wife, it's all good. Ahhhh, living the dream.

Miles digs up some weapons he has hidden outside a chemical plant, and he's all about getting what's his and Connor's without Miles when Tom emerges from the facility, once again in the perfectly right place at the perfectly right time (in the middle of TEXAS). He holds a knife to Connor's throat, assuring his old boss that he doesn't want to kill his son, but they once again have a lot of work to do together, just like old times.

Only Two Episodes Left

I wonder if we'll understand any greater goal as the season wraps up, but it seems like that ship has sailed. Is the purpose of all this to defeat the patriots? Is that even possible with this small, now-fractured group and the USA's nationwide presence? Season one ended with a patriot launching nuclear weapons all over the country in what was a pretty stunning finale. Will the follow up be just as dramatic? And will we ever know what's going on in the rest of the world? 

We're getting down to the wire, with Tom seeking vengeance, Monroe and Connor attempting to regain an empire and Miles and Rachel looking to do whatever they're morally comfortable trying to do. And then there's Charlie: after Jason's death and her newfound craving for normalcy, who knows what she wants? And Aaron versus the nano? That can't end well. What do you hope happens? Who will live and who will die? Only two weeks left to find out.

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