'Revolution' Recap: Monroe Reaches the Tower, Miles Finds the Traitor
'Revolution' Recap: Monroe Reaches the Tower, Miles Finds the Traitor
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week on Revolution, Nora risked her life to save Miles and Charlie, and wound up as Monroe's prisoner. In tonight's episode, "Clue," Monroe tortures Nora into revealing an important piece of information, and Miles tries to uncover the identity of the spy in the rebel ranks. Read on to find out what the Revolution writers have in store for us this week.

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Monroe Gets Nora to Break

Monroe must have learned a thing or two since his days as Rachel's captor, and there will be no subtle persuasion this time around. When Nora refuses to give up Miles' whereabouts, Monroe has her tortured. Nora survives weeks of brutal torture and several doses of a very powerful and painful drug before she finally breaks.

Nora tells Monroe what he wants to know and more, including the fact that Rachel is headed to the Tower. Monroe is confused by this news, as he has never heard of the Tower. It seems that Randall has not been that forthcoming with his new partner.

Monroe intends to kill Randall for keeping him in the dark about the Tower, but Randall says that Monroe cannot gain access to it without his help. Randall also lets it slip that the Tower can do much more than simply turn the power back on.

When Monroe and his men reach the Tower -- which looks more like an under-ground bunker -- Randall has a hard time gaining entry and Monroe is conveniently delayed so the rest of our characters can catch up.

The Race to the Tower

In heading for the Tower, Monroe leaves Nora behind with some of his men. One of those men -- Rachel's former scientist friend, Sanborn -- is ordered to kill Nora, but he cannot do it. Instead, Sanborn slips out with Nora and one of the pendants and heads straight for the rebels.

Miles is beyond relieved to be reunited with Nora, but is suspicious of Sanborn's story. Yet he must put those suspicions aside when Sanborn reveals that Monroe is headed for the Tower and that Rachel's life is in danger.

Miles and the others -- including Charlie, Jason, Neville, Hudson, Sanborn and a still-recuperating Nora -- take off for the Tower in pursuit of Monroe. When they have to stop to refuel their helicopter, someone murders the pilot and disables the chopper.

This leads to a lot of suspicion among the group, especially after another rebel is murdered. Everyone but Nora is accounted for, so Miles gets them all to hand over their weapons and heads off in search of Nora.
A Threat from Within

Miles finds Nora passed out with a bloody knife and injuries that point to her being the killer, but she does not remember anything. Sanborn says the drugs Nora was given are still in her system and could be responsible for her behavior, but Miles is not so quick to believe Nora's guilt. Suspicion then falls on Jason, and not even Charlie will defend Jason after all the lies he has told.

The true traitor is Hudson -- who made a deal with the militia after they took his wife hostage -- which comes as no surprise to anyone paying attention. Hudson kills Sanborn and attacks Miles, but Jason steps in at the last minute and kills Hudson, saving Miles' life.

When the dust settles, Charlie tries to apologize for not trusting Jason and he claims to understand, but this has clearly put a damper on their potential romance, much to Neville's joy. Nora fixes the damage to the chopper, Miles steps in as pilot and Team Charlie finally gets back to the mission.

Rachel Makes Her Move

Aaron and Rachel finally reach the Tower, but Monroe is already there, blocking the only entrance because, apparently, no one thought to create a back door into this place. Rachel tells Aaron to wait until she causes a distraction and then slip in using the over-ride codes. Rachel plans to distract the militia soldiers by killing Monroe, but Aaron does not approve of this plan as it will lead to Rachel's death. Since Rachel's main goal is to kill Monroe for what he did to her family, she refuses to waste this opportunity.

As Aaron waits for his cue, Rachel poses as a militia soldier and walks right on up to Monroe's tent. (Once again, one has to wonder how any of the Mathesons can walk around so freely when they are obviously at the top of Monroe's most-wanted list.) Rachel decides to welcome her former captor to the Tower with a nice grenade. The episode ends as Rachel pulls the pin on said grenade.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Will Rachel really kill Monroe? How will Miles and the rebels gain access to the Tower if Monroe's men are blocking the entrance? And with only two episodes remaining, how many more times will the rebels turn on one another? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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