'Revolution' Recap: Monroe Lures Miles Home
'Revolution' Recap: Monroe Lures Miles Home
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Rachel acquired the information she will need to gain access to The Tower and Miles formed a new alliance in the fight against Monroe. In tonight's fifteenth episode, "Home", Rachel and Aaron make a shocking discovery and Miles and Monroe are reunited with someone from their past.

A Not-So-Happy Homecoming

In the last episode, Miles made a deal with President Foster to work with the Georgia Federation against Monroe. With assistance from Foster's men -- including an annoying soldier she sent to keep an eye on them -- Miles has now led the rebels to several important victories against Monroe's forces. Monroe is concerned about these ongoing attacks and decides it is time to put Miles down for good.

In order to do that, Monroe has to make Miles come to him, so he heads to their hometown. After taking the entire town hostage, Monroe sends Miles a message to return home or he will kill everyone Miles has ever cared about, starting with Emma -- the first woman they both loved.

Emma spends most of the episode trying to get through to Monroe, as she believes the boy she once loved is still part of him. Though Monroe wants to be the man Emma sees in him, he tells her that man is dead. Monroe proves this by locking all of his hostages in a building and setting it on fire as a trap for Miles. How is Miles going to get out of this one?

Aaron Reunites with His Wife

While Rachel works on translating the information Jane gave her, Aaron sets off to gather supplies but spots his wife in the marketplace. Aaron and Rachel finally catch up to Priscilla, only to have her dismiss Aaron in front of her new 'husband'. It is fairly obvious that Priscilla is hiding something and it turns out that her 'husband' is actually a bounty-hunter who has taken her into custody.

To 'save' his wife, Aaron provokes the bounty-hunter into a fight and Priscilla uses the distraction to take the man out. Priscilla tells Aaron that she is wanted by the Monroe Republic for attacking a soldier who tried to hurt her daughter. Before she returns to Texas to be with her new family, Priscilla tells Aaron that she still loves him, though it is unclear if she has forgiven him for abandoning her all those years ago.

A Son?

With help from Charlie and the usual suspects, Miles manages to get everyone out of the burning building but Monroe's men open fire and pin them down. Monroe then takes Emma hostage to try and draw Miles out. Miles refuses to shoot Monroe with Emma in the line of fire but Foster's man takes the shot and Emma is killed.

Prior to her death, Emma tells Monroe that they have a child together, a son they conceived before he shipped out. Much to Monroe's despair, Emma dies before she can tell Monroe of their son's whereabouts. Was Emma telling the truth about the child or did she make up a convincing lie to keep Monroe from killing her?

Miles is Getting a Partner

When Foster's man kills Emma, Miles returns the favor by shooting the man in cold blood. Word gets back to President Foster and she decides to send someone else to keep Miles in-check. One of Foster's soldiers questions her decision to send this particular person -- who has only been working with them for a few weeks -- but Foster is convinced he is the perfect man for the job.

The man in question is Neville, who has apparently taken a page from his son's book and switched sides. How will Miles and Charlie feel about working with the man who kidnapped Danny? And what is Neville's angle in working with the Georgia Federation? Has he truly gone against Monroe or is this a ploy to get back in Monroe's good graces?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Emma really has a son somewhere out there and if so, is Monroe the father or will the Mathesons be getting a new family member? Now that Aaron's storyline with his wife has been resolved, is there any reason to keep him around? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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