'Revolution' Recap: Monroe Attacks the Rebels, Nora is Captured
'Revolution' Recap: Monroe Attacks the Rebels, Nora is Captured
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Miles and Nora grew closer and Aaron learned that he has a connection to The Tower. In tonight's seventeenth episode, "The Longest Day", Monroe gains the upper hand and Jason's survival hinges on an unexpected source. Read on to find out what the Revolution writers have in store for us this week.

Off to an Explosive Start

This episode begins with several of our characters having relationship troubles. Neville and Jason are still at odds and Charlie witnesses their latest confrontation. And in non-familial relationship developments, Nora wakes up from her night with Miles and says that it was a mistake. She thinks their connection will only make things harder because this is war-time and one of them will surely have to watch the other die. Yet the day gets worse for all involved when Monroe's men bomb the rebel camp.

After the bombs stop falling, Miles discovers that Charlie and Jason are missing. Miles, Nora and Neville find Jason easily enough but he is badly wounded and it is up to Neville to get him to safety. Despite his injuries, Jason manages to tell Miles that Charlie was in the look-out tower when the bombs fell and she is still trapped inside the collapsed structure.

Nora's Sacrifice

Nora and Miles try to get to Charlie but militia soldiers block their way. When it is clear that Miles will not leave Charlie behind, Nora risks her life to draw the soldiers away from Miles. Meanwhile, Charlie is able to escape the rubble unharmed and she is reunited with Miles. But their happiness is short-lived once they realize Nora is still missing.

The rebels make it back to Atlanta to re-group and treat their wounded. Jason and Charlie use this down-time to explore their budding feelings for one another, something Neville is not pleased to see. President Foster is also not pleased, as she has lost half of her army and is close to surrendoring unless Miles can come up with some last-minute strategy.

With Neville saving Jason's life, it looks like things might improve between the men but will Jason's connection to Charlie drive them apart again? The attack on the rebel camp lets everyone know that there is a mole in their midst but who is it and will they be able to unmask the spy before its too late?
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Rachel's Magic Surgery

As Aaron deals with the knowledge that Ben might have known about his connection to The Tower, Rachel's leg is getting worse. On the plus side, Rachel says they can re-program the capsule she removed from Danny's body to heal her leg. But if the capsule does not work properly, it could kill them both. Given that they have not made it to The Tower yet, the capsule works and Rachel's leg is healed almost instantaneously. But when several local citizens see this miraculously healing, they kidnap Rachel and Aaron.

These people want Rachel and Aaron to use their magical healing device on a sick child but Rachel has no intention of being distracted from her mission. Aaron tries to convince Rachel that they should help this child if they can, but Rachel is only interested in turning the power back on so she can get revenge against Monroe. Rachel threatens to leave Aaron behind, as she is going to The Tower with or without him.

Rachel's ruthlessness has been established in earlier episodes but almost every horrible act we have seen her commit has been done to protect her children. Now that Rachel is out for revenge, is she capable of true evil or will her love for Charlie pull her back from the edge?

Monroe Loses a Friend and Gains a Captive

As the rebels and the Georgian soldiers are being attacked by his bombs, Monroe is dealing with a problem in his own ranks. Monroe's last remaining friend -- Mark Pellegrino's Jeremy -- invited him out for a drink, but the men are ambushed. They survive but Monroe believes Jeremy set him up to be killed. Jeremy professes his innocence but Monroe does not believe him and has him executed.

After ordering Jeremy's death, Monroe learns that the true would-be killer was a single Georgian soldier. Yet Monroe does not have long to dwell on his loss, as his men bring in a captured rebel. As viewers can guess, said rebel is Nora and Monroe seems very pleased with this find.

Though Monroe told his men to execute Jeremy, we do not see his body. Is it possible Jeremy survived? If so, will he team up with Neville to take back the Monroe Republic? And what is Monroe's connection to Nora? In the final scene, he says he is pleased to see her again but under what circumstances did they meet in the past? Is it possible that this is not the first time Monroe has held Nora hostage?

Seven Years After the Black-out

As if all of that drama was not enough, tonight's episode also gives us insight into Miles' past with Rachel. Seven years after the black-out, Rachel learned that Miles was looking for Ben so she sent Ben and their children into hiding and turned herself over to the militia in Ben's place. Once it was clear they would not find Ben, Rachel told Miles she did not know how to turn the power back on and even if she did, she heard too many awful things about Miles to ever give him that kind of power.

Thanks to these flashbacks, we see that General Miles was truly terrifying and threatening even to the people he claimed to care about. We also learn that Miles and Rachel had a fling when they were kids and Rachel told Miles it was something she deeply regrets. I imagine Rachel also regrets the torture Miles seemingly puts her through in an attempt to learn his brother's location.

Did Rachel get her ruthless streak from watching Miles work? How far did he take things with Rachel's torture and how did she wind up in Monroe's custody?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you like the growing closeness between Jason and Charlie? Were you surprised by Miles' cruelty toward Rachel or her willingness to leave a child to die? And do you think Nora will be recused next week? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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