'Revolution' Recap: Healers, Hookups, and Strange Cameos
'Revolution' Recap: Healers, Hookups, and Strange Cameos
Bill King
Bill King
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I know this is going to seem strange coming from me, but for the first time in several weeks, Revolution gave us a quality episode. "Happy Endings" wasn't perfect, and it didn't do anything to solve the direction or purpose problems, but the action was well paced and the storylines interesting.

Overall, it was top notch. And, for what I believe is the first time in show history, there were no truly grisly deaths. In fact, I'm pretty sure only one person died at all -- the Patriot Monroe sniped at the very beginning of the episode. No stabbings. No one set on fire. Many, many threats of death, but only one early Patriot fatality. Shocking, I know.

So let's get to the action.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Revolution left us with a cliffhanger last week, with Connor Monroe in a standoff with the Patriots inside Truman's office. He's trying to get the antidote for the lab-created typhus that is killing the lesser townfolk of Willoughby, as well as Dr. Gene and, now, Truman himself. It won't stop the outbreak though, because there really is no epidemic since the Patriots are deciding who gets sick in the first place.

Connor has his gun at Truman's head, facing down about five Patriots with guns drawn. Truman orders one, Sanders, to take the shot, but as previously stated, Miles snipes Sanders in the head and the others lay down their weapons. 

Connor handcuffs them all to radiators, bags the meds and returns to Gene (who had a brief bout of cardiac arrest), Charlie and Rachel. They administer needles to the sick, toss Dr. Gene on a gurney and high-tail it out of the quarantine camp before the Pats know what hit them, picking up Miles and Monroe on the way. Thank God for no radios! Inexplicably, though, they leave some for Truman.

The gang goes their separate ways for now, with Charlie and the Monroe boys heading to New Vegas to recruit some mercenaries, while Rachel and Miles stay back outside Willoughby to monitor the Pats and look after Dr. Gene (wink, wink ... more later).

Aaron and the Prophet

Aaron and Priscilla make their way on foot to Lubbock, Texas, where they find their old MIT pal Peter, who helped them create the nanite technology. As co-parent of the nano (My Two Dads, anyone?), he recently discovered that he has the ability to heal people after he saved a young girl by praying.

He thinks it is God who gives him the power, and the townspeople worship him like a prophet after he heals a blind nuke blast victim. Priscilla wants him to tell the truth, so he locks them up in a hotel room and says they're all going to stay there until they get to the bottom of why nanofate brought them together. 

Not for nothing, I'm kind of with Peter on this one. He doesn't want to ruin the faith of the people, and I don't have a problem with that. I mean, c'mon, at least he's using the nanites for good instead of to make people spontaneously combust. It probably makes the little firefly robots happier, too. I'll take his peaceful approach to healing over Aaron's blind rage and hatred any day. 

20 Years a Slave ... to Foreplay

Miles and Rachel basically sit this one out, except for one bow-chica-wow-wow finally bang-your-brother's-wife (again) romp at a crumbled drive-in theater. Miles pulls her there because it's Saturday night and he wants to feel psuedo-normal, so they sit on a bench and pretend to watch Evil Dead 2 like back in the good old days. 

But after like two seconds, Rachel tears off her shirt and declares that 20 years is enough buildup time. They get un-blue together. 

Charlie: The Meat in a Monroe Sandwich

Before departing for Vegas, Charlie and Connor engage in some awkward flirting during which he boasts about his recent mission while Charlie sarcastically coos, "You're so brave!" He's not so quick on the uptake and keeps it going, and I'm like really? The dirty Mexican cartel Monroe? The guy who probably banged a few hundred prostitutes? IN MEXICO? 

The trio heads to New Vegas, which much like Mexico, hasn't changed much post-apocalypse. There are just as many sluts as there were south of the border, but there's slightly more gambling and slightly less tequila. 

They are looking for Duncan Page, but first they encounter Brett Michaels, who hasn't aged a day since 2014 and is still playing the same songs. Monroe quips that the only things that survive nuclear Armageddon are Brett Michaels and cockroaches. Then they make a reference that it's only a couple bucks to see the mummified remains of Steven Tyler. Yeah, like Poison is going to outlive Aerosmith.

They also come across some guy name Gold or Gould who thinks Monroe's name is Jimmy King (I'm assuming after the least known member of Michigan's Fab Five). Jimmy was Go(u)ld's best fighter, but then he just vanished, and now Monroe owes him. 

What Happens in New Vegas Stays in New Vegas

They find Duncan in a poker room, and it's Jenny from The League (Katie Aselton). I'm glad she found work in the off-season, but I'm just not buying Kevin's wife as a badass Vegas goon. 

Monroe convinces her to sell him some men at 30 diamonds a head, but first they need to raise the capital. He returns to camp to hatch a plan, but instead finds Connor and Charlie in post-coital bliss. He, naturally, is horrified. 

Charlie is all like, life is too short to care about banging the slightly doofy son of a psychopath, and why are you so surprised? And he's like I don't care about you being easy, you just have no idea how many Mexican hookers I've raw-dogged. Monroe yells at him for being an idiot, and he giggles like a sixth-grader who got caught looking at Playboy. 

The Monroe Crown Affair

Enough making love, it's time to steal some diamonds! Monroe stages an IOU fight with Go(u)ld's best man to distract the guards and proceeds to get his ass kicked while Charlie and Connor make moves on the heist. 

Charlie plays cards while a seemingly over-intoxicated Connor collapses on a gaming table. Everyone in the tent goes to help him/stop others from stealing, and Charlie grabs the lockbox of diamonds and makes a run for it. The guards give chase, and Charlie drops the box and hops a fence to safety.

Once Monroe sees a guard rush in to tell Go(u)ld about the theft, he quits playing possum and nearly kills his gargantuan opponent. Go(u)ld finds the lockbox filled rocks, and it's revealed that during the fracus, Charlie switched out the boxes and dropped the real one in a trashcan. After everyone chased her out, Connor calmly put it in a backpack and met up with Monroe.

It's all for naught though, because Go(u)ld's henchman finds them and bashes Monroe with the butt of his gun.

Major Tom Comes to Willoughby

Tom, now in custody and severely beaten, is summoned by President Davis, who we see for the first time and is disappointingly no one too famous. He knows everything about Tom, thanks to Julia Neville/Doyle, but he hasn't killed them because he needs help getting to Monroe. The botched execution has created quite a rift with the Texas Republic, and he apparently has important plans for Willoughby.

Obviously, Tom knows Monroe better than anyone, so it will be up to him to travel to Texas and carry out the hit. And Davis knows he can trust Tom, because if he has reason not to, he'll cut out Julia's tongue, then pluck out her eyes, then who knows? He rips up a picture of her to simulate the untimely demise, because apparently some cameras still work without electricity or light bulbs. 

Tom convinces him to let Jason come along too, and they exchange frigidly cold pleasantries with Truman, who is now claiming to have saved Willoughby from the deadly typhus. What a waste of all those oranges!

A master of speed (Tom arrived in Texas without a scratch on him), father and son somehow find Monroe and Rachel's super secret hideout in a matter of minutes, despite the fact that the Patriots haven't been able to find it in weeks or even months. Tom convinces them that he's there on a quest for revenge, to kill the Patriots for dropping the nukes on his wife. Miles is unsure, but Jason swears on his mother's grave that Tom's words are true.

A Break for Sochi

So yaay for Revvies, huh? It figures that after an episode I actually found enjoyable and that finally left me wanting more, we have to wait four weeks until the next one due to the Olympics in Russia. I'm a huge fan of both the winter and summer games, but it would've been nice to see if the show could put together a little momentum. 

Still, we rebounded nicely with "Happy Endings." What did you think of the episode? And what about the budding romances? I'm bleh on Charlie and Connor, and to be honest, a little weirded out by Rachel and Miles, but that one was destined to happen eventually. Where do you see Tom's loyalties lying, and does Jason still have the hots for Charlie? And what do the nanites want from their trio of parents? 

These answers and more (like what is the point of all this?!?) will be coming, but not until February 26. Stay tuned.

You can watch Revolution every Wednesday at 8pm on NBC.

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