'Revolution' Recap: Charlie Loses Another Loved One
'Revolution' Recap: Charlie Loses Another Loved One
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Four months after the mid-season finale, Revolution returns for the rest of its intriguing first season with tonight's spring premiere. In tonight's eleventh episode, "The Stand," Monroe's reign of terror reaches new heights thanks to his newly-powered weapons. Can Team Charlie stop Monroe before it's too late? Read on to find out if the mid-season opener lives up to expectations.

An Explosive Opening

The episode begins exactly where the mid-season finale left off -- with Team Charlie facing down one of Monroe's newly-working helicopters. Apparently, the members of Team Charlie have been practicing their cardio because they are able to out-run the helicopter and take refuge in an empty diner. The group manages to survive the helicopter's assault by taking shelter in a very sturdy freezer and once in the clear, Miles says they need to get out of Philadelphia, as quickly as possible.

Later that night, Neville informs Monroe that no remains were found in the diner and the men quickly deduce that Miles and co. are still alive. But Monroe has other things on his mind -- namely, to make a show of his new power and eventually expand the Monroe Republic across the entire country. Monroe orders Neville to use their now-functioning helicopters to take out all the rebel bases in the area.

Kisses and Questions

Once safely out of Philadelphia, the group takes a few moments to revel in their reunions. Danny seems very pleased to have his mother back in his life but while Charlie is thrilled to be reunited with Danny, she is fairly cold toward Rachel. On a much warmer note, Nora kisses Miles, signaling that their on-again, off-again romance just might be back on. But Rachel's reaction to the kiss gives Miles and viewers pause.

While viewers ponder the Miles-Rachel connection, Aaron has a lot of questions for Mama Matheson, including what she knows about the blackout and the pendant necklace that almost got them all killed. But before Rachel can offer any explanations, the group notices a helicopter headed for the rebel base in West Chester. Moments later, every rebel at said base is killed.

Separate Paths

After seeing that the West Chester base has been destroyed, Nora suggests they get to Rebel HQ so they can warn everyone about the helicopter attacks. The others agree to that idea but worry about whether they stand a chance against Monroe's weapons. Rachel comes up with a solution, as she knows where they can find power and much larger weapons. Miles insists on going with Rachel on this weapon-finding mission while Nora and the others continue to the nearest rebel base.

Tensions Rise

When they are alone together, Miles tells Rachel that he saw her body years ago and that he never would have left her behind if he knew she was still alive. Miles asks if Monroe hurt her and though Rachel says nothing, her body language says that he did. Miles apologizes and tries to get close to Rachel. The few share a few moments of close proximity -- and a whole lot of sexual tension -- before Rachel asks him to back off.

Team Charlie makes it to Rebel HQ but they are not alone. Neville and Jason are looking for rebel bases in the area and they just happen to stumble upon the same base. Neville is very pleased but Jason's concerns about using the helicopters to kill innocent people are heightened when he sees Charlie. Neville tells Jason to order an air-strike but Jason refuses and the two men get into a fist-fight. When Neville wins, he tells Jason to never come home again and heads back to Philadelphia to get Monroe's go-ahead on the air-strike. Neville does just that and also tells Monroe that his son is dead. That is harsh even for Neville.

John and The Tower

Rachel takes Miles to see one of her old colleagues. This man, John, tells Rachel that he has not spoken to anyone else in a long time and the rest of their colleagues have vanished. Rachel explains the situation with Monroe and John leads them to his basement, where he has one of the pendants, as well as many high-powered weapons and other devices. Unfortunately, John is a big liar who is working with Randall and he knocks Rachel and Miles unconscious before calling Randall.

When Rachel comes to, she tries to convince John to let them go but John refuses. John says that Randall has gotten into The Tower and Rachel is horrified. Before we can learn what The Tower is, Miles knocks John out. Rachel and Miles leave, taking the weapons and the pendant with them.

Randall and Monroe?

Though Rachel escapes Randall's clutches for the time being, Grace is still his prisoner. Randall tells Grace that she needs to get the elevators working so he can get to level 12 of what we can only assume is The Tower. Will the Tower be used to turn the power back on for good?

After leaving Grace with an associate, Randall picks up John and the men head to Philadelphia to see Monroe. What is the purpose of Randall's visit? Does Randall want in on Monroe's grab for power or does he have something else planned?

Jason and Charlie

After his father leaves, Jason finds Charlie and warns her about the upcoming attack on the rebel base. Charlie thanks him but says he cannot return to the base with her, even though he tells her his real name and swears he is done with the militia. Once Charlie tells everyone about the planned attack, the rebels decide to make a stand, hence the title of this episode. Charlie, Danny and Nora volunteer to fight on the front lines so the audience can have plenty of characters to worry about.

But Who Dies?

When two helicopters come, the rebels are clearly out-gunned. Luckily, Rachel and Miles arrive in the nick of time with a few powerful weapons of their own. Miles sets up a rocket-launcher but is fired on before he can get off the shot. As the others run to Miles' aid, Danny picks up the rocket-launcher and fires, taking down one of the helicopters and disabling the other. Unfortunately, that victory comes with a price and Danny is shot and killed.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that a major character would be killed in tonight's episode and the show definitely delivered by killing Danny. And while the violence of that moment is certainly surprising, Danny's death felt all-but inevitable. He was the least-developed of the main characters and had seemingly served his purpose by bringing all of these different people together on the search for him. Plus, his death will provide some much needed angst for the rest of the Matheson clan and give everyone on Team Charlie a reason to go after Monroe. That being said, I thought there was a lot of possibility for Danny and I am sad to see him go.

What's to Come

After Danny dies, Charlie tells Rachel that they have to finish what he started. They have to work with the rebels to bring down Monroe, whatever it takes. Rachel seemingly agrees, though she does not look particularly happy about it. Perhaps that is because she realizes what she would need to do next.

In the episode's final moments, Rachel cuts into Danny's body and retrieves some sort of device that appears to have its own power source. What is this device and can its power be used like the pendants were? Or will it serve another purpose?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did Danny's death shock you? Are you concerned about a Randall-Monroe team-up? Are Rachel and Miles responsible for everything that has happened or do you fault Monroe? And what will happen when everyone heads to The Tower? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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