'Revolution' Preview 'The Children's Crusade': Will the Secret Behind the Blackout Be Revealed?
'Revolution' Preview 'The Children's Crusade': Will the Secret Behind the Blackout Be Revealed?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Could Revolution really reveal the truth behind the blackout in episode 7? If "The Children's Crusade" trailer is not a misleading tease, it looks like the mystery will be revealed. With that answer, more questions are sure to be raised.

We already know that Miles worked with Monroe to build up the militia, Rachel turned herself into Monroe for an unknown reason, and Ben was involved in the blackout. But, what caused the blackout? What was the purpose of it? And, what are the amulets? How do they work?

So many questions, which ones will be answered? We'll have to keep watching to find out, but the preview provides a few clues.

NBC released a trailer, "How Did It All Start" to promote tonight's "The Children's Crusade."

Highlights from the trailer:
  • "My partners and I set out to invent a device." -- To do what? And for what purpose?
  • Rachel says they want to use the pendant as a weapon? Who? Most likely Monroe.
  • "That kind of power ... we're talking about millions of lives here." Will they use power to kill? To empower themselves?
  • Who are the kids in uniforms? Looks like Komsomol or the Hitlerjugend group. Scary!
  • Miles is upset that Aaron hasn't told him everything.
  • "Everything will be revealed." Not sure I believe that, but it looks to be a pivotal episode.
In addition to the trailer, NBC has released a clip of Monroe pushing Rachel for more information about the amulet and questioning the information she has already given them.

Monroe is upset that he hasn't been able to find any of the "magical pendants." Her colleagues haven't been where Rachel said they would be. But, they did find one of them and have been interrogating him for three weeks with no results. He hasn't given up his pendant. Rachel offers to talk to him. 

Neville is creepy! His quiet demeanor while thanking Rachel for her cooperation is quite disconcerting. Monroe has proved to be an evil man, but could there be any good in him?

"The Children's Crusade" looks like it could move the show in a whole new direction if the truth of the blackout is revealed. Who will find out the truth? And, what will they do with that information?

Tune in to Revolution tonight, November 5th at 10 pm ET on NBC to find out!

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC.)