'Revolution' Recap: Nora Endangers Others, Rachel Comes Clean
'Revolution' Recap: Nora Endangers Others, Rachel Comes Clean
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Team Charlie lost one of their own and in tonight's episode, they make a last-ditch effort to rescue Danny (Graham Rogers) before he lands in Monroe's hands.

Defending Charlie

After burying Maggie, Team Charlie continues on their mission to rescue Danny. During their travels, they stumble across a working train and Miles (Billy Burke) says the militia will use the train to transport Danny to Philadelphia. The group splits up to search for Danny and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) runs into Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito). She tries to follow him but he catches her and Miles has to step in. Like everyone else in the Monroe militia, Miles has a history with Neville. (I know we are only on episode 5, but I really wish we would learn more about Miles' militia past and explore the connections he has with the show's villains.)

A lot of fans are less than impressed with Charlie but I actually think her naivety in these early episodes will work to the show's benefit, in the long-run. You can already see that she is becoming more hardened to the world around her and I think it is fascinating to watch that kind of growth in your main character. Especially when viewed alongside the development of characters like Neville and Miles who have both become desensitized to the violence and cruelty of the world. Hopefully Charlie can become strong without losing her humanity.

All-aboard the (attempted) murder train

As to the rest of the plot, Nora (Daniella Alonso) meets up with another rebel and they make plans to blow up the train. However, once Nora actually sees Danny on said train, she cannot go through with it and tries to recover the bomb. Sadly, she is stopped by her fellow rebel via a stab wound. (Will every woman on this show be stabbed at some point? Let's hope Nora does not meet the same fate as poor Maggie.)

Miles and Charlie make it on the train and stop the bomb, but Charlie gets captured by the militia. Not-Nate then disobeys a direct order from Neville and throws Charlie off the train to save her life. Miles hops off the train after her and no one saves poor Danny.

Danny is brought to Philadelphia and Monroe assures Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) that if she tells him what she knows, he will not harm her son. Rachel tells Monroe that the pendants/flash-drives are the key to turning the power back on and that there are 12 of them. Presumably Monroe either needs all 12 to achieve his goal or Rachel makes him think that's the case in order to buy time to save her son.

Neville, the family man

Neville gets the flashback-time in tonight's episode. We learn that his evolution into the man he is today started when a neighbor broke into his home shortly after the blackout and Neville killed the man while his son watched. Neville's wife Julia apparently stayed with him even after that and the two are reunited at the end of the episode. They are also reunited with their son Jason, a.k.a. not-Nate.

I imagine the 'reveal' of not-Nate as Neville's son was meant to be shocking but many fans predicted the connection between the two characters so I do not think it was as surprising as the writers expected. That being said, not-Nate/Jason just got a lot more interesting, as did his growing affection for Charlie. Jason has already chosen Charlie over his father once and he barely knows her. What will happen if he becomes truly attached to Charlie? Will he leave the militia behind? Or is he already secretly working for the rebels behind his father's back?

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